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I'm looking at spending a week in Turkey in the next month or so. I'm just at the beginnings of my research into it but for my first time there I'm looking at doing maybe 3 -4 days in Istanbul and the remainder in the Cappadocia area.
How would you do it? What were your favourite places to see and what was a waste of time?
Any recommendations for where to stay (areas or specific hotels) and how long to spend at each place?

My interests are local culture, history, natural scenery. I want to take lots of photos. I'm not into the clubs or fancy restuarants and will be on an extreme budget (backpacker styles). I'd like to stay away from touristy areas as much as possible unless something is a must see.

I realise if I'm travelling on a budget I may have to write off a day or so travel time too. Do you have any preferred ways to travel in Turkey?

If you can recommend any stops or places I should see I'd much appreciate it, and I'd really like to know why or what you liked about it and how you got there too (or at least what general area it is in).


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hey i was in turkey twice ...only istanbul each time and think even 1 week there isnt enuff. BUT i did alot of clubbing, so maybe u would be bored. in that case i heard Bodrum is nice too....theres alot of resort towns along the Aegean as well.

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Hey, my friend and I did a lot of Western Turkey in about 10 days during the winter of 03. We basically spent 1 day in each place, catching the bus to the next town in the evening.Our budget was small, though not backpacker small. We spend about £25 per day all in. It was all cultural stuff, ancient Troy etc. Smaller towns like Cannakale give you a great idea of normal Turkish life. Here is a link to some photos and descriptions which might give you a better idea. Just one thing...if you are going in the winter...a hat, coat and gloves are essential.

Go to Turkey part 1 and 2.



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I stayed at Cordial House www.cordialhouse.com its within walking distance of the Blue Mosque, underground cistern, Palace the Grand Bazaar etc.
3-4 days would be good to spend in Istanbul but it depends how involved you want to get in seeing the city or just see the major sites.
Bodrum is a nice town to visit but don’t know how busy it will be this time of year though so a lot of things may be closed, Marmaris is lovely but I know that it is quiet at this time of year as well.
I would spend time in Istanbul and then travel to Cappadocia it’s a must.

Hope this helps. You will love Turkey it’s a fantastic place – one of my all time favourite countries. :)

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I've been to Turkey too... It was Kemer... Really wonderful place with sea and mountains and lots of sightseeing close to it! I'm sure you will love Turkey!

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