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Hey everyone. I'm in need of some urgent opinion based help.

A group of my friends (we're all 19) are planning on a vacation for one week in either Cancun or Cuba. We had originally planned for Cancun (which is where I personally would rather go) but a few are adament on Cuba instead. My question to you is, which do YOU think would be a better vacation spot? Cuba or Cancun?

We're going to get an all inclusive deal no matter which destination. Basically we're looking for awesome beaches, and good night-life (but we DO have all inclusive, which means we'll spend money if we go somewhere other than the hotel, compared to staying at the hotel and not spending money). Another thing to consider is the people down there. I've been to Cancun, and it was pretty Americanized with lots of American/Canadians, but according to the two people in my group who are pushing for Cuba, they say that Cuba will in fact have more people who are "our type".

So... i guess in all i'm asking you: Which is better for night-life (keeping in mind the all-inclusiveness), which has better beaches/watersports/other beach-type-stuff, and which would be better for meeting people who are like us/who will party like us?

We are Canadian btw, if that matters (considering the travel embargo on Cuba).

Any opinions, even if you haven't been to both places, would be of GREAT help (we're booking this thing tomorrow!).

I've been to Cancun already and I know what it's like (great place!), but I don't know much about Cuba at all. I've read a few things, but it's all pretty sketchy. When I think of a "vacation", Cuba is definately not the first thing that comes to mind. So if anyone has any good information on Cuba vacationing, please fill me in!


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Hi sQuish! Well I ain't actually been to either destination as yet. But I am obsessed with travel programmes and so have heard a bit. Basically I have heard that Cuba is very spanish, the least commercial and touristy of all the carribean/central american islands. It is quite rural and very historical. I am sure there is plenty of nightlife there but it will be very traditional and mostly have locals (from what I saw on the travel programme there seemed to be locals in restaurants/clubs etc). If you are up for meeting locals and mixing with their culture then go to Cuba. If you are up for meeting people from US and Canada, then I'd say maybe pick Cancun, Mexico. I have seen another programme on Cancun mexico and they all flock there. It is a touristy area of mexico and there IS nightlife there. You are more likely to see americans, tourists in Cancun than that of Cuba in the nightclubs. Also alot of party tour agents in the Uk arrange weeks in Cancun Mexico and the nightlife seems to be buzzing and there are lots of parties. So if you are into the touristy / kind of meeting peeps you know places go to Cancun. I personally prefer the culture and meeting locals so I'd probably pick Cuba but everyone is different. The travel agent you go to may tell you all this too. As for tropical beaches, surf and snorkelling whatever, that is going to be in Cuba and Mexico so you won't miss out on that no matter which one you choose

hope this helps


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Also forgot to mention that the website www.lonelyplanet.co.uk is very informative with destinations, what to do etc. If yo go to the website, go to worldguide and so forth then it will give you more information on each country.

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I have been to Mexico twice (not Cancun) and Cuba once. If I had a choice? I myself would take Cuba but I am not sure that’s what you should do. Let me explain - when I was in Cuba I stayed in a 5-star all-inclusive called Breezes Jibacoa, it was in the middle of nowhere and it was FANTASTIC and you would probably be bored out of your mind at 19 and wanting to party. All the other resorts are at Veradero – nearer the airport (which I stayed my 2nd week - I regretted it to no end). Veradero was a beautiful beach with a lot of Brits and French (mostly Canadians and Americans in Mexico). You wouldn’t want Breezes Resort because it’s quite a drive to anywhere and filled with honeymooners and people like me who want a quiet break from their life in the big city. The resorts at Veradero would be more to your liking but just weren’t to mine. There is a lot going on and lots of clubs open late and they are almost all all-inclusive. The hotels need modernisation. Not that they are falling down but you feel a bit like you’re trapped in the 70s with the décor. The beaches are pretty packed (as they are in Mexico) but I seem to recall in Mexico that each resort has their own section of beach and it all runs together in Veradero.

Cuba is cheaper than Mexico (especially rum) and I think the cultural aspect is fantastic. But a bunch of 19 year olds who want to party????? – go to Mexico, and I do hear that Cancun is lovely and lively and it’s more modern.

Only other thing? Both times I have been to Mexico I got that stomach bug despite being so careful about what I ate and drank – it really makes you feel crappy. Didn’t get this in Cuba however.

Good luck on your choice but at the end of the day you’re kind of comparing apples to apples. They are so similar in many ways. An all-inclusive is an all-inclusive as long as it’s in the sun who cares where it is. If you are going to SEE the country and to explore well that’s a different thing but somehow I don’t think you are. GO for the best deal with the highest star rating. I like the idea of an adult pool too (an adult resort even better!) Have fun!!!!


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whats up mike,

I've been to cancun and I agree that it is very americanized, and the fact that you don't run in to too many locals (spanish ass) I personally don't like. I think that Acapulco would be the best place for what your looking for in the areas of clubs, parties, and not to mention that the local ass there treats you like a celebrity! However their beaches are not the greatest but still okay, and you definetly have the option of hitting up american booty too if thats your flavour, because they tend not to like the mexican dudes hitting on them. Acapulco has the craziest clubs in the world _ I THink_and I've been around (from miami to ibiza). The clubs can get exspensive about $40- 50 canadian to gain entrance to the clubs, however, it is all you can drink! Oh, and I would definetly check out the strip joints there! ten times better than in Montreal!

Anyways enough jerking Acapulco off, I myself am going to Cuba at the end of April, and after talking to a number of people, it sounds like the women there are off the hook. Any women from Canada who ranks a 9 here would rank like a 6 there!! and the girls are very aggresive and are just out to look for a good time (wink, wink). Cuba is more know for their beaches and their women, but don't expect any crazy clubs like in Cancun.

Because of the severe poverty in Cuba many girls are forced to sell their bodies. They will tell you straight up if they are or not so im not sure if your in to that but it generally costs aprox. $30US.

I am around the same age as you, and I also live in Toronto so if your looking for a party and crazy clubs I recomend by far Acapulco, but if you are looking for some of the hottest women in the world, super cheap drinks, the nicest beaches, and a guarentted lay go to CUBA. Fuck Cancun - cancun sucks my dick. over advertized and too americanized.

Hope I helped.

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