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Hi everyone,

I own a travel agent in NY which has been doing very well, it had been in business for over 6 years when I took over the company and I have been working with my partner for about two years in our company, however lately, we started seeing a decline on both sales and volume, prices have been going down, therefore there are normally very minimal amounts to mark up, we mainly buy our tickets from wholesalers and now the commitions are down as well. We had to let go the third agent and also did not hire a new accounting personnel after the last one moved to another state. Right now we are three-men operation two agents a messanger.

We are desperatly thinking about doing something else with this job, maybe using this office to run something else, or expand the business to add another services.

We have all the equipment, phone lines, computers set up but it is causing restless times. We also know people who can do creative things online with our current hosting or other capabilities on the web.

I hope I can get some suggestions or ideas on what to do.

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we r in the same trade as u ...we r based in mumbai...india...we have a lot of travellers who need assistanse and guidanse...we can work in a mannerb that u can take care of them when there and we could do the same here in reciprocation.we could work as each others representative offices...think about it ....the opportunities r limitless...we r doing well as travel consultants...

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I have an opinion as to what is missing in the United States travel industry. I'm not sure how lucrative it would be for you, or how it would change or effect your business (good or bad), but I think there is an emerging market for it over here. Take a look on the Internet and google a couple companies:

Trail Finders
Travel Nation

There are also a couple other companies like this I believe, but basically, there are these great companies in the UK, Ireland, Australia, etc. that specialize in planning long-term solo travel (among other things). Having planned a year abroad myself, I can tell you that I don't know of any companies in the States that are doing this, or doing it this well. There is Air Treks, which is great, but they basically only specialize in the air transportation. The companies I have referenced take the planning much further with visa help, bus transportation, itinerary planning, etc. STA travel also does a similar service, but I believe they have an age cap, and are a bit "frat boy" travel if you ask me.

I hate to give up my business idea, but since I have neither means nor experience in starting or running a travel company, I figured I'd offer that up. Take it for what it's worth. If it works out drop me a line, maybe I'll come work for you!

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sanjay, thanks for your suggestion, but we have no past relationship with an overseas company, and don't know how that could work. So far our clients mostly have been traveling to europe, as it is one of our major markets, it is very very slim that we book to east asia.

john, you may be right but since we do not have enough manpower to do that it would be pretty difficult, what you are suggesting is more like taking care of everything for a long term travel for adventureous individiuals, and require services that include visas and other arrangements. There should be a reason not many companies in the US are doing that, probably the way americans travel, especially in NY, mostly business travels, etc. But still thanks for the idea.

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I just sent a private message to your inbox.


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Thanks, I will send you an e-mail.

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the fact that u have a travel company means that u r in the biz of trips holidays y r u finding it limited only to europe...there is the world to explore and travel to...this may just b the godsend u r waiting for...another idea...start marketing asia...its the big boom...china ...india..commecial giants...people r travelling here...all want to do biz here...
as far as working a arrangement that is not an issue...we shall b able to work out mutual benificial terms...
our home and house is always open...