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Hi guys, I was hoping someone could help me. Myself and a friend will be setting off on a RTW trip in March....getting to Europe around July. But the thing is, we know we want to see as much as we can - all the touristy/pretty sites and the fun/party places, but we have no idea where to start. We have probably just over 2 months to use up.

If someone could just give me some idea of places that you just can't miss and places to not bother with - that would be great. I know this is a bit of an annoying thread - because everyone's opinion is different. But I am from Australia and never even been to the Northern hemisphere - so anyone that has any experience travelling in Europe knows at least a bit more than I do.

Any suggestions will we awesome!!!


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I would think of starting in London because from there there are so many Low cost flights all over Europe.

And on my list would be.

Good luck Planning,

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Here is a list of "NOT TO BE MISSED" places (based solely on my travel experience in Europe):

French Riviera (Monte Carlo, Cannes)
Interlaken (Switzerland)
Brugge (Belgium)
Salzburg (Austria)

In terms of figuring out your travel options, here are a few websites to get your started:

a) (Train schedules all over Europe. It is a German website so click on the "INternational guests" link to see results in English).

b) (Intercity Bus schedules around Europe)

Feel free to contact me if you have any specific questions. Hope this helps.


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in germany, don't miss: berlin (impressive with its progression, culturally speaking...a must!) the pergamon museum.

in brussels, don't miss: brugges (rent a bicycle), ghent (progressive fashion designers)

in france, don't miss: the south (i enjoyed the basque coastal towns of bayonne/biarritz~surf town), aix-en-provence, PARIS (of course!)

in italy, don't miss: cinque terra, and all the some.

in spain, don't miss: the balearic islands (mallorca, ibiza, formentera), valencia for its music scene, BARCELONA, madrid for its museums, the list is long in this's all pretty darn interesting.

in netherlands, don't miss: a bike ride in haarlem, a stroll in amsterdam, museums in rotterdam~unexpectedly good.

have a terrific time!

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Just a suggestion :

...United Kingdom / Netherlands / Belgium / France / Spain / France / Italy / Greece / Bulgaria / Romania / Hungary / Slovakia / Austria / Chech / Poland / Lithounia / Latvia / Estonia / Finland / Sweden / Danmark / Germany ..

All countries have fantastic cities with lot of things to do. If you just take a look on this forum or on the internet you will see the highlights. It also depend what you all want to do/see/visit. The month june/july/august are the summer months. The worldcup football is in june in Germany so it will be bussier there.

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I'm not an expert of long journeys, but i'd select the capitals of the main areas plus some extra journeys

just an example:
London- Paris- Brugge- Amsterdam- Berlin- Prague- Vienna- Venice- Florence- Roma- Barcelona- Madrid