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My name is Andrew, I'm 19 years old and I live in Seattle, WA USA. For some time now I have wanted to live outside the U.S. for a couple months (or more). The problem is there are so many fabulous places around the world to choose from I can't choose where to go! I will also be traveling with a friend and we really want this to be more of an experience than a vacation. It has to be somewhere warm, sunny, and tropical (Central/South America, Africa, Seychelles etc...) Now we don't want to go to a touristy place, but a place more rich with culture and uniqueness.

Do any of you have suggections on where we could go?


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Money (USD) goes pretty far in Thailand. It's relatively easy to establish yourself there. Then again, there are a lot of people who went originally as tourists and decided they liked it enough to stick around longer.

In a lot of countries, you can teach English for a bit of money as well.

If you're from Seattle, you should set up a business exporting coffee to countries that consider Nescafe a morning brew. I hate that stuff! It could be your contribution to mankind (or at least your fellow travelers!).

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andrew.... u cud consider comming to india...its got history culture the sun ...the people r warm and hospitable...i cud write a book on reasons why u should come to india...for any help and assistense do write to me...
regards ..
sanjay kalra..

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go to croatia.
if needing help, contact me

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I loved Panama, it was so interesting and the people are so warm and welcoming. There is so much to see and do, and to top it off, its cheap!
I only managed to see half of the country and I was there for over a month, but what I did see was breathtaking!!

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Try to join volunteer group abroad. Besides the cost is not too much or even you will get paid. You could involve yourself in a community and work for them. Usually the place is not touristic at all, thus you can learn a lot of their cultures, customs, etc.

Where you can find? I believe thousand of sources in internet. It is easier because you live in US.

Don't worry, the period of volunteering can be only weeks up to months.

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Well if its gotta be warm that rules Ireland out!!

Id go with the Thailand recommendation - lots to see and do and the islands to chill out and relax too

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U can visit to India coz its very beautiful places to see as u want to peaces so much historical places different kind of culture if u visit to cochin u found different culture if u visit to Rajasthan u found that whets history it has Kashmir is on the top and kanaka kumara is the end but every city has a different culture. And different kind of weather I thing that’s India is best for u to visit .if u want to any kind of help reply me soon I will help u dafenetle.javed ail[/i]