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1. Posted by DanCymru (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi everyone, I know this a basic requirement, but its my 1st trip so bear with me!

I going rail travelling round central Europe in March, and I'm looking to get a backpack in the January Sales.
There seems to be such a bewildering selection in shops/online, any tips or web resources out there to help me make my choice?

As I mentioned I'm not going mountaineering etc, so its purely for travelling by train from city to city, and maybe trekking around looking for hostels! PS I'm going for at least a month...

2. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


This comes up on a very regaular basis, so just search these pages for something like "backpack" and see what comes up. If you then have any further queries, just ask.

As a general rule, don't EVER buy a packpack that you haven't tried on properly first (including loaded), and if possible from somewhere wheich has an exchange policy so that you can try it in real life situations when its fully loaded and heavy (wear it to climb up stairs, say 6 floors; getting in and out of lifts, buses, trains, trams etc. Storing it in overhead racks: walking around a supermarket; walking for an hour with it on in a busy city centre etc) to see how you cope with it.

I would suggest probably a 55-60l. Smaller is better, but when you start travelling, you always pack waaay too much. 60 is fine. Also, make sure that the straps are adjustable to your body (what is really comfy for one is agony for someone else), that any pockets etc are useful for what you would put in it, if you want a zip or clasp closer (i hate the later) and if its the former, that the zips are all in good condition to begin with.

HTH. Search these branches for lots of previous advice from people asking simiklar stuff, and good luck

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I would make sure that all pockets have double zippers, and you can padlock them together. Also that it has a decent waterproof cover, that can be used whilst you are carrying the pack, Ive seen people struggling around with a bag they zip their pack into, which have normal carrying strap...not the best for your back!

Also that the straps are adjustable and the height can be changed. Mine has a lightweight ali frame inside, which I find make the pack heavier in the first instance, but it helps keep it in shape. Plus, I would find one that has a bit of character, or get a patch sewn on so you can recognise it easily at the airport.

I would (personally) look for something that has someway of fastening trainers or flip flops to the outside...there are days when you dont want your smelly footwear inside with your nice clean clothes!! Especially in transit...

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i would also like to know which backpack to buy. Im travelling to europe for 2 weeks to london paris rome venice and pisa by trains. I would like to bring back a number of souvenirs too. Here is where i will be buying a back pack this week, can you guys tell me from this site which backpack would be the best? also my wife needs a backpack too, can you suggest one for a female too? thank you so much!! HEre is the link to the place im shopping at this week....

Thanks again guys!!

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