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1. Posted by Shebangs (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi there.I would be greatful to anyone who could give me some info and advice on doing a short stint of voluntary work (about one month) in India.Calcutta seems to be the place where most people do it but I am also open to other suggestions.I am a primary school teacher and was wondering if teaching might be an option.Any links contacts etc would be very much appreciated.I plan to be in India forabout 10 weeks from about Feb to the end of April.
Thank you very much!;)

2. Posted by incommunicado (Respected Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Besides teaching you can also do some work related to wild life & environment...please check web site...www.artee.org
Nandini RB

3. Posted by pranab (Budding Member 18 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

If you come down to Calcutta you please do some work in Assam for the donwtrodden and needy people.For any help please contact me.
Dr.Pranab Chowdhury

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I happen to see you message on Travellerspoint.

You can do a lot of voluntary work on your visit to India.

1) You could visit houses/people and create awareness on keeping city
and neighbourhood clean, Aforestation (planting more trees), proper
disposal of wastes, Good Water management etc.

2) Distribute food and clothes to poor and needy,
3) Entertainment and clean food for old-age homes,
4) Computer education to less priviledged children.

If you need more options, please feel free to contact me.

Kind Regards,

Arun George

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HI Shebangs,

It's a great idea to volunteer during your stay in India.I don't know about NGOs in Kolkata. But,if u want any help regarding working with NGOs in New Delhi then I can help you by suggesting contact details of the NGOs where you can work.Another option,i can give u is that it's always better to decide where u want to work and wht sort of work u would like to do so that u won't waste anytime after coming here and then finding an organization to work.So,in that case if u want me 2 help u plz let me know wht exactly u want to do,wht age group u want to work with-male/female/children and preferences if any.If u don't want to get into so much of trouble then you can contact some organizations which can help you choose an organization to work with and can take care of your boarding and lodging also.
I know such an organization: Cross Cultural Solutions : http://www.crossculturalsolutions.org

I knw the people in Delhi office personally.Or u can even contact ivolunteer -an organization which sends volunteers to different organizations according to their areas of interest. Visit them at :

Hope this information will be of some use for u.....


6. Posted by TBI (Budding Member 4 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Dear Sir,

We are very much delighted to know that you want to visit India for a noble cause and want to know about travel help from us, which will be indeed a great pleasure for us.

Calcutta is a good option taken by you. As you have seeked our advise we will only say that you can do this noble wiork of bringing literacy in Delhi slums also. There is a biggest slum of Asia in Delhi suburb. There is a school operated by some NGO in those area. I can also tell you to get permission for you to come over and teach the slum children. The only thing we request you to advise is that do you have your own arrangements to stay for 10 weeks in India or you want us to tell about that for you. What I advise is, that you can get a room/flat on rent or (PG accommodation). It will be the easiest and cheapest way to pass the life and it will also give you an experience of day to day life of India.

Second option is for Orphanage. You can also go to the orphanage in Delhi to teach the children staying there.

Third option is for Old homeage. There are some old people who are thrown out by their own children or who have no one to take care about them. So it is also a good option to meet them , take their life experience and let them feel that there is someone atleast who cares for them and they are not alone. And this feeling will generate a new life in them.

Hope you will like any of the advised options by me and give your comments on the same..

Look forward to the earliest hearing from you.

vikesh sharma