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Hi there

I'm looking to visit Tokyo as part of my RTW trip in May. I am thinking of going there for 4-5 days. I wanted to organise some kind of short term tour seeing as though I am going to be by myself and don't know anyone there but I can't seem to find anything but day tours. Does anyone know of any good tour companies that cater for short term trips for people 20-30? Also, accommodation wise, what are the capsule accommodation places like? Are they dodgy and top 5 destinations in Tokyo?

Thanks for your help!

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Capsules are great for the experience and perfectly fine, but are designed for one night stays only, and essentailly were designed for emergencies ((for drunk businessmen who missed the last train home)). Which means that you are unlikley to be able to book in advance, or for 4/5 nights. A few do, but not many. That might be fine for you, as it means you can stay in different places, but menas that you will have to cart your bags around all day or leave them somewhere. All Japanese stations have lockers, but they are small - designed for daypacks only.

The Khaosan hostel is a cheap hostel option which you could use for some nights if you don't want to be moving your bags all the time, and you could, for example, then spend your first and last night in capsules.

Can't think of any dodgy tokyo destinations.

Favourites of mine are the Mejo temple and Harajuku area (on a sunday), the Tsukiji fish market (early i.e. 5 or 6 am on a weekday morning), Asakusa, the mayhem around Shinjuku and nearby the Metropolitan owers (free to go up) amongst others.

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Great, thanks for your help

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Yea the capsules are a good deal but be careful about leaving things in your capsule. I stayed in one in Osaka last week and in the morning asked if I could stay for another day, left my stuff in locker at the hotel and a few things in the capsule, earplugs, towel, contact lens case and glasses. When I returned the front desk handed me my glasses but when I mentioned the other articles they had no idea. Since I live here I can speak enough Japanese to make a complaint and after many calls and discussions, nothing was resolved. Maybe I should have known better about leaving stuff in the capsule- just a word of warning. This happened in Asahi Plaza Capsule in Osaka. Not sure about the Tokyo scene. They are an interesting experience for a night or so. Remember to bring earplugs!!!
Skip the tour and do it yourself, get a train/subway map and hit the streets. Getting lost and finding your way will give you a better Tokyo experience and you will be guaranteed to come across some local flavor.

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Hello!I can highly reccomend staying at Toukaisou Ryokan...its in a quiet little side street which is close walking distance to the metro station and Asakusa via a couple of indoor arcades and markets!Theres some decent little restaurants nearby and its a really safe area!Only dodgy area I encountered was when we took a stroll away from the main action of Shinjuku and ended up in a shady sidestreet teeming with prostitutes and pimps. I was really badly harrassed by a guy trying to make me come and work in his strip club saying "Japanese men love Blonde Flesh!!!He followed us for ages until we managed to shake him off but Japan as a whole I never really felt threatened in fact I feel safer there than anywhere else Ive been!