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Can anyone tell me what its like staying in a hostel and how much it costs roughly? Is it cheaper than renting a place of my own. Ive only been in one Hostel in Amsterdam but that was for a game of pool with a friend. I was staying in a hotel down the road. It seemed ok though.

Also is it possible to stay in one while doing seasonal work?

Im assuming the seasonal jobs are in the middle of knowhere so what kind of place should I expect to stay in if im doing that?

Any information would be great :)

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Hmmm - where does one start to describe the hostell experience?? *any other traveller's comments welcome here!*

Hostelling is really about what you amke of it. It can be an amazing experience wher eyou meet people from all over the world and make life long friends, or it can be an absolute nightmare with 120 bunks to a room including drunken, vomiting "guests" who couldn't care less where they lay their head at night.

Many travellers stay in hostels for an extended period of time such as during a season of work fruit-picking. You should look slosely at the websites dedicated to fruit picking in the areas you are targeting as a lot of fruit farms offer accommodation to those who commit to a season.

Personnally, I would reccommed that what ever the situation, embrace hostel living. It'll challenge you, refine your beliefs and notion of the essence of humanity, and certainly make you friends. Jump in the deep end, take the opportunity and experience it - after all isn't that what travelling's all about??

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Hostels can work out marginally more expensive than finding your own place, but that's usually if you are there for a short time. Many hostels have offers going for long period stays, e.g. 10% discount for bookings of 1 month... and so on.

Hostels can be great fun or can be a nightmare - but it's what you make of them really! It varies on the people you share with to the standard of the hostel! After a few days you'll be well versed in the life of a dorm!