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1. Posted by loei (Budding Member 4 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

I don't know if I'll have the finances to pay for my backpacking trip. Only 2 weeks in Europe, but I'll be studying in London for 2 months and have plans to stay in NYC for two weeks. I'm wondering if I should get a credit card or just try to stay within budget?

I'll probably be able to get some student loans. The problem is that I won't have a job when my backpacking trip ends since I live in a small town with very little opportunities (and I have no car).

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I'd really suggest trying to stay within your budget. I wouldn't recommend building up debt on a credit card for anyone. You'll be surprised how far you can stretch your budget if you give it a little effort. On top of that, to come back home to a credit card bill and without a job or even a car to take you there if you had one is probably not a situation most people would welcome.

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If you apply for a Nationwide Visa card from the uk they have 0% if money is drawn from the ATM machine also 6months interest free.

You could set up a direct debit for any money spent to come from your bank account.

Hope that might be helpful

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i agree with backpackit, i wouldnt advise going into debt for travelling or any other reason...unless there is no other possible way to deal with it. Having said that i need to get a credit card for when i go to australia...for emergencies only...thing is, i have no idea on which one to get...there are so many out there!!!!