Can somebody recommend a district or a youth hostel in bueno

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I'm going to Buenos Aires in March and I haven't booked a hostel yet. Can somebody recommend a district to live in? I'm looking for a place with "go" and kind of softness o it. Somewhere in the city so that I can have close to all the great places. I don't know how to translate the word from swedish, but the closest I can do is to compare with other districts in other cities, like Notting Hill, London or Greenwich Village, N.Y.


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Well, it's definately not the cheapest part of town, but here is what u looking for ;).l I assume your not travelling on a shoestring, just cuz of the places u mentioned.

You're prolly aiming at places like "Palermo" or "San Telmo".

Personally i'd pick Palermo.

San Telmo is more tourist intensive, in the sense that it's hard to go to a bar or walk throught the street and not see non-argentines. Tons of hostels around there. I wouldn't know as a tourist, but my guess is that Palermo is a bit "safer". Both are ok, but Palermo has higher income people in general.
San Telmo is right next to "the city", where all the ofices and bars are. Its got some nice typical places and some beatufil parks near it.

But as i said, i'd pick Palermo, and here is why. Although it's a bit further from "the city", its nearer other places you'll prolly visit too, like las caƱitas, plaza serrano, Bosques de palermo among others. Although u will certainly find tons of tourists here too, the concentration is not as heavy as it is on San Telmo.
If your not renting a car (my guess is you're not), ask the hostel how far the "Subte" (Metro) is. Its very cheap (0,7 arg pesos), and works fine if u manage to use it on non-rush hours. At night, split a cab with someone else. Palermo is pretty big thou. Check some hostels, make a 3-5 selection and lemme know if u want, i'll tell u what i think about the place.

Best of luck

PS: all this is based on the fact that you are not travelling on a shoestring. Anyway, Buenos Aires is pretty cheap to foreigners in general, so it shouldnt be a big deal.

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They are all on this web page....

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Stay in Palermo. It is a nice area and not too close to centre of the city.

A good hostel in Palermo I know is Giramondo (I stayed there for a while). It is close to subway and buses on Avenida Santa Fe. Corner of Guemes and de Oro. Very relaxed and easygoing hostel.