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Just wondering if they have PO Boxes at post offices in london - like in australia where you can get mail delivered to a POBox at a post office - i dont remember seeing any, but wanted to get a UK address as soon as i arrived before all my accomm was all sorted!

If not, is there something else i could do???


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from www.royalmail.com

Renting a PO Box

To rent a PO Box, you must work or live at a permanent UK address (as recognised by us) and be over 16. We’re sorry, but you won’t be able to use this service if you have a temporary or ‘c/o’ address. And applications must be in a single name.

You can only rent a PO Box at the Royal Mail delivery office that delivers mail to the address stated on the application form.

Get your mail sorted

You can have several PO Box numbers per address but your mail won't be sorted to each individual PO Box - all PO Box mail for one address is delivered together. If you need this level of sortation you can use Selectapost which sorts your mail in to categories to meet your mail management needs.

First line is pretty damning really.

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I don't want to call Royal Mail liars, cos they obviously know what they're talking about, but a friend of mine had one set up for him before he arrived - forget whether it was because he arranged a bank account before he left (with Barclays) or part of the deal with the travel agent.

That's not much help i know, but it is possible.

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Just a quick note...my friend told me this happened to her, she was in the middle of moving house so set up a PO Box over here in London and she had a few problems with banks etc as many refuse to send correspondance to a PO BOX....however I would get in touch with Royal Mail as they must be used to dealing with situations where people are coming from overseas and need a reliable address to send their mail to so see what advice they can offer!Good luck!

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thanks for all the help!!!