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Hi Guys, how you all doing?

I'm planning on getting a WHV and travelling around australia, but i was just wondering how much money you guys took with you? Excluding your ticket there..?

Im planning on taking my girlfriend with me aswell.. and can save up to around £4800.

£4800 - £1500 for our plane tickets? which will leave me with £3300 which in turn is around 7,735.98 AUD. Would this be plenty? Remember that we'd be working aswell.. fruit picking and the likes!! :)

Thanks alot for your time guys! Take it easy


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Are you thinking of going for the full year?

If you are going all that way round the world, I would seriously recommend going to New Zealand too. Its would add to the cost but it's a once in a lifetime trip, perhaps its worth trying to scrape together the extra?

I'm sure you can get a return ticket to Australia for cheaper than £1000. There are some quite good offers if you about.

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Id love to go to new zealand aswell.. and i suppose your right! if im travelling around that far i may aswell!! The visas only kick in once you land in the country right? So if i got an australian WHV first.. and applied for the new zealand visa at the same time.. i could fly to new zealand after ive done my year in australia and then fly home?

What did you do liz?

Im planning on spending a whole year in australia with my girlfriend. I'd do a whole 3month fruit picking session to so that im able to qualify for a second WHV if i want in the future.

when i said the £1500 for tickets, i included my girlfriend :) i think the cheapest ive seen so far is something like £750 per person..?

I really just need some advice on how much i shall need to take with me for hostels, food.. etc.. general living.. excluding plane tickets.

Also.. does anyone know anyone who has epilepsy and spent a year in australia? What they did for medication and stuff?

Thanks for your reply liz! :)

Dan x

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I've just booked my flight, not sure whether you are getting multiple stop ticket or a just a return but my return from London-Sydney was £625-that was the cheapest i found!

As for medication, i would assume your doctor would prescribe for the whole time your away-i mean before you go would you get all the medication you need-altho-this would be an awful lot. Book an appointment and see.Sorry-not much help.

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hey thats not bad! I was just looking for prices.. im not ready to set out on my travels just yet!

the epilepsy question.. well thats for my girlfriend.. i think prescriptions are only a 3month supply. ive told her to book an appointment with her GP to get some advice.. so we'll soon know! ive also been told that her tablets may be available over in oz and to before we go, get her doctor to write out a prescription for her to take with her.

Are you going for the year lil j? how much you taking with you? excluding the £625 for your plane ticket?