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1. Posted by clueless (Full Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!


together with some friends we're planning on visiting Essaouira in April and the cheapest option seems to be to take a flight to Casablanca and then rent a car and drive to Essaouira (350km).

Is that a good idea?
How long would it take, I'm guessing about 7hrs?


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You Should have a lovely time - I live in Essaouira part time - so if you want any help let me know .

The Nearest airport is at Essaouira but you can only get 1 international flight per week there from Paris. The next nearest airport is Marrakech - operated from London by British Airways ( GBAir) , Royal Air Maroc & Atlas Blue.com ( charter Arm of Royal Air Maroc) . Marrakech is 2.5 hours by Car , Next is Agadir - sometimes you can get a VERY cheap charter flight here out of season - try Panorama Travel - Agadir is 2.75 hours by Car - nice Road but a bit Windy. Casablanca is next nearest ( operators same as Marrakech) . I can usually Do Casablanca in about 4 hours . Car hire - expect to pay about 250-300 DHs per day from "Local" car companies .
Have fun & if u need more info - email direct at -snip-
Kind regards John

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3. Posted by clueless (Full Member 30 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Thanks John , that was vey helpful, I will email you if I need anything.

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hello just been on a surf tour of morroco (ah the luxury of being a gap year punk) and u should try booking through BA.com about 4 weeks in advance. the weather and stuff is LUSH out there, i flew to agadir for 120£, which is the adverage cost with ba from gatwick-agadir. if u need any help with any details involving costs and transport round there id be happy to help out.!!
eassouria is a cool town i think, quite alot of westerners but dont be put off by this as morroco is quite a different culture regardless of however many plonker westerners are about!! lol. busses are super cheap but watch out for pickpocketing; put ure money in your pants!!!!! or on a money belt/ it costs about 20p to do 20miles. super cool as well, efficient.
also u could do a long distance coach up there or just get a grand taxi. rental cars are about 300dh a day, so at the moment thats 20£ and there are MILLIONS in agadir so dont do a pre book internet 'deal' or youll get ripped for price. blabla just jabbering now if u want nemore info ill give it then! have a nice time, and SHOOKRAN means thankyou out there, use it and they Love it!

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Every inch of Morocco is so beautiful that I highly recommend you get the cheapest flight you can and hope that it isn't too close, sooooo you can rent a car and have a long leisurely drive all the way there. You will want to stop often for closer looks and ocean views, photographs, roadside fruitstands, etc.

Don't distance yourself from the Moroccan people; they are friendly, very helpful and extremely funny.

Have a blast

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I`m really glad to read so many positive comment about morocco. i am trying to convince my boyfrin to come with me in november. he spnt 6 months on morocco a few years back and loved it but many people in switzerland have told him that it is not a good country for women to travel in. People tried to tell me this about many countries though, i never listened befor so i dont think i will listen now. cant wait to see it

8. Posted by dehavenart (Budding Member 6 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Glad to hear that you want to go ahead. I don't think that you will have any problems. I went alone (granted I am no longer young) and had no trouble; in fact, people went out of their way to help me at every opportunity. I chose not to rent a car on my own to drive thru the mountains; but, now that I have seen it, even that would not be impossible. I traveled with another women all around Turkey and thought it was a breeze and Morocco is even easier because you actually see women everywhere... not so in Turkey.

If you have done any traveling at all, which it sounds like you have, I am sure that you will only have great experiences in Morocco.

My only recommendation would be to be a bit aware of the culture and dress in a moderately modest way. You don't have to totally cover up but miniskirts and bare tummies are really not appropriate there... unless at the beach.

9. Posted by penna (Full Member 110 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I try not to let people scare me too much, i went to pakistan by myself and i had a few problems on a few days but generally if i watched my dress and my mouth it was fine. I`m thnkig about driving through myself in an old merc. bus, what is the deal with taking your own vehicle? should i also be consiering taknig parts for when the bus breaks down (which it probably will, it is a dump lol)???

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