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1. Posted by klangaman (Budding Member 10 posts) 18y Star this if you like it!

Hi.I have decided to go to every country in the world soon but i have absolutaly no idea how to survive not understanding the languages.what do you do?how do i buy a loaf of bread?and get around and everything.nothing is putting me of this trip but i want my freedom not these guided tour it better to try and learn as many languages as i can before i go or do i just use one of those books?.very lost and confused but exited.

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by "one of those books" do you mean a picture book you point at the pictures of things you want?
Not having done anything remotely similar to what you're doing, I'd say that you will never be able to learn all the languages to get around the world - the picture book may be the way to go...

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and perhaps some basic sentences in the most common languages? for example? spanish, french, german, english *of course*

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I fully agree with what you're wanting to do. I'm shortly to be off to the Czech Republic. As I speak German and French and a tad of bad Dutch, I am so used to being able to get by most places in Europe. But in the Czech Republic there is a fairly good chance that I will encounter one or two folks who don't do any of those languages. A picture book could be the way to go. What's your budget like? In some of the more remote places where English isn't typically spoken could you afford to get a guide? Otherwise a good thing could be to teach yourself the phonetic alphabet that you find in the dictionary, and then use the Internet to build up a physical list of phrases such as 'help' 'water' and 'i am lost' and then you could write the pronunciation next to them and keep it tucked up somewhere safe on a couple of sheets of paper.

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read this and ask him. I think that he can really help you: - Matej Sedmak