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I need some help.

1 - Im going to book a flight to oz for march and would like to know of any cheap companies. Cathay Pacific quoted £400. Anyone ever heard of them? Good price I guess but I don't want the wings to fall off :)
I don't hate flying but don't love it either. I know if I pay more I'll get a comfortable flight but I dont want to spend all my savings on the flight. Thats a flight to Sydney by the way.

2 - Any good companies for cheap travel insurance? Just the basic package would be fine whatever that is.

3 - Going to buy a backpack. My mum says I should take a suitcase but if im going to be a "backpacker" then surely a backpack is better...
or is it? Cant imagine dragging a suitcase around for a year. Don't intend on staying in one place.

Those might be the same old boring questions but Im a first time traveller and am going alone...please help.

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Im not replying to myself! Just another thing...

4! I was told that it would be better to book a hostel before I leave just so I have a guranteed place to stay when I get there. If thats the case then any websites where I can do this in Sydney would be great.

And one other thing...

5...No i forgot! damn it!!!!!

Hate it when that happens! :(

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5. Is there a place where I can buy some kind of ticket/pass for discounts on any hostel I go to?

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1) Which companies are cheap depends on lots and lots of variables, with different ones having different bargains at different times of the year, etc. I always trust in just going by a couple of different travel agencies to get a number of quotes; they'll know about all special actions, and I don't, and I always consider it far too much hassle to troll through all the online websites to find out for myself.

3) Backpack is definitely the way to go, simply for the ease of transporting it (lots of places where the bus doesn't stop right in front of the hostel, and you'll have to walk for more than a few minutes with the thing, which I _really_ wouldn't like to do with a suitcase)

4) Right here at travellerspoint? Click on the accomodation link at the top of the page. Otherwise you can also always call the hostel directly, and make a booking (they'll want a creditcard number for confirmation, but won't charge it).

5) At the hostel itself. (Assuming it's a YHA/VIP/Nomads one, but those are the organizations that give the discounts in the first place, so that's a safe bet.)

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I've flown Cathay Pacific many times. It's a very good outfit. Seats are small but that's pretty much the same on any airline these days.

I wouldn't be the slightest bit concerned about flying with them.