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21. Posted by wouterrr (Travel Guru 3383 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

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a lifetime of happiness brought on by a loving sweet, generous kind soul who wants a couple to be blessed without being so materialistic which poisons society in a negative way Thank you sir and that is a great thought

Harolds stop the begging, this is going to be very sad. Don't think to earn easy money by someone who is falling for this trick of yours. Take actions and earn the money yourself. If you can affort to pay for internet and you have a PC there must be a way to collect the money. Take your time to collect it and don't think to collect money in just 2 days. But for godsakes stop acting like a beggar,

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Quoting harolds

she knows im retired on social security benefits which just is not enough to be able to save but enough for the both of us to live on but because the hurricanes had a domino effect on cost of living in the usa which takes all of my income to survive on these day but when she does go to work here, it will not only be so much easier on both of us together as man and wife

Nobody doubts you are in love with her harold but look at the reality of the situation. The cost of living has risen in every country in recent years and disposable income to make miracles happen for lonely old men just isnt a possibility for most people these days.

If you want to bring this girl over, to get a job, and increase your standard of living....no offence intended...but get up off your arse and make it happen. This God you so much believe in gave you two arms and legs. Go and raise the money yourself !!!

23. Posted by harolds (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Maktub? i have an answer for you
why not read the past forum where i have already explained everything? wow! you sound like you are so angry and bitter to people who are not as blessed as you!!! i believe you need insight to other lives outside of yours that seems to be following the yellow brick road so please ask the wizard of oz for something the scarecrow didnt have and have a blessed day
with love on High
Mr Stotts

24. Posted by Maktub (Budding Member 49 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hi Harold
I have read all of your other postings harold. And i am neither angry nor bitter. In fact quite the opposite. I work with many girls from the phillipines as i work in a hospital and working in such an envirnment gives me quite a lot of insight into other people lives, as u so knidly asked me to seek.

It is in working with these girls that i see just how hard they work, not only in their own job, but on their days off too, in other jobs. They work every hour god sends which is to be commended. However having seen how they can be exploited on arriving in a new country, i cannot help but be suspicious regarding your own motives. In any case, my opinion is neither here nor there. and I am in no position to judge

The point is harold, you clearly do not love this girl as much as you claim or you would not be sitting on chat forums praying for miracles. You could as others have suggested, hold a fundraiser. Sell your leather jacket. That old book of your grandads would fetch a few quid. Sell your house. Sell your body if you want it that bad harold. But take responsibilty for your own life!! For a man of 61, you seem very nieve to think someone will just send u a cheque. I said it before....and ill say it again...get off your arse and help her yourself!!
And by the way, that iraqi baby had Spina Bifida, not bona spifda!

with love not quite as high...

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I have followed this thread on 14th and 15th and must admit I am almost speechless. Harold, you really need to get your act together. I have been to the Philippines, Cebu included. There are millions on filipinas that want to marry an American and get out of their country. The US authorities have made it very difficult for a single lady from many countries (the P.I. included) to come here. You could try the fiance visa, but have to show financial stability. I doubt you could satisfy US Immigrations requirements. Short of divine intervention, she will remain in the P.I. and you are here.

Since the cost of living is so much less in the P.I., why don't you sell your house/possesions and retire there? I assume you have a modest retirement and not much extra. Why else would you want another person to pay for her plane ticket? Your modest income will be enough there, it certainly is not enough to live decently in the US. I suggest you get yourself back to the P.I. and plan on living there with your lady.

26. Posted by harolds (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

A know it all huh? sorry but youre way off base sir as you may know something but not everything as you claim you do and youre saying im Naeive? ill wait for something more positive than an armchair expert who says whether theres love between two people or not as you have met neither one of us and know what we are going through because you happen to know a few women and i do agree the filipinas are very hard working sweet ladies like Susan and too bad your mind is so wrapped up in negativity that it clouds your mind from other peoples lives so intensly or even sees thier honesty and struggles or think he knows our circumstances better than us and no matter what, you or anyone else can not rob me of her and my hopes and i hope youre not raising a small child because the child will need more of a positive role model than someone i know now may i suggest you look into your heart of hearts for any signs of animosity or ulterior motives? maybe im wrong but i know how to read into some peoples phyches as well as other kinds too as there are some people unwittingly quashes others dreams and hopes by actually being opinionated and not even realizing it plus te fact youre so willing to say im lazy more than examining the fact i could be disabled to where i cannot work and thank you that you actually know me? and seen my condition" my financial situation? and hers too?
Thank you and God bless you
Mr Stotts

27. Posted by vegasmike6 (Travel Guru 3580 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

I have reread my post and I do not see where I questioned your love for your lady. What I did say is that it will be very difficult for her to get over here. It takes financial stability before the US Imm. will issue a visa. I did not call you lazy, I suggested you move to the P.I. rather than try to make it here. Perhaps you are confusing my post with another? I did not call you 'naive', not naeive' by the way. You should read my post again before making false accusations. Use the 'quote' option if you want to take issue with what I wrote. Accusing me of writing something I did not write is very poor form Harold.

I have spent 10 winters in Thailand, but have also spent many months in Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore. A few months living in the P.I. as well. I do not think I am a know it all, as you stated, but I do have some experience in Asia. Your heart seems to be in the right place in regards to your lady, but I know from first hand experience how difficult it can be to bring an Asian lady to the US. I am not trying to quash your dreams, just being realistic on chances of bringing her to America. I have a Vietnamese GF who is many years younger than I am, so I sympathize with your plight. Long distance relationships are stressful on both parties. Good Luck and I do hope God blesses you with a happy life.

28. Posted by harolds (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

seems to me you have a long life too and am so happy for you and want you to know there shall be no enmity between us and you do have very valid points on which i am happy to commend you on those fine qualities but however my fiancee and i both know the road to joy may be rough but the results are far more worth any struggles any one has to go through and if every road was easy, what will we do when the going gets rough? this is what real people are made of is determination, satisfaction and most of all the joy we have sought long and hard for. when we reach glory, will we have done everything we set out to do? or admit defeat like Napoleon did? Susan and i are definitly not quitters when we are pursuing our own private goals so i hope you will commend me on trying my best as Abraham Lincoln did after suffering defeat 54 times in many endeavors in business till he became a famous president and thats an example i want children to know so they will fight for what rightfully own than to accept lesser than what they deserve or even less.
everyone, including me, are actually guilty of being armchair experts but there is no experts till he has walked in the other persons shoes or traveled down his path for a few miles and is in for a rude awakening like i have several times in my life on various subjects i knew little about but professed to know them[WOW] lol
Thank you for your wonderful input and may God bless you all
Mr Stotts

29. Posted by karazyal (Travel Guru 2123 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Good luck Harold S, if you are not a troll - you certainly are fascinating in a sad way!

30. Posted by harolds (Budding Member 11 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

everything has turned out great as a man from Killeen Texas has contacted me after reading this post and has visited me here and personally wrote me the check
He asked to not reveal his name but he owns a larger business there and in Dallas too and wrote it for much more than i expected and said God bless you
Thank you everybody for helping me learn the generalities of human character as i know there are many positive thinkersand many kind compassionate believers in human compassion