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Hi Everyone,

I'd be going to malaysia from singapore on Jan 26 to 28. I have few questions; how far, # of hours travel by bus? what bus company is good and affordable? where to stay? what places to go to?



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I did a hefty journey from Bangkok through malaysia onto singapore which in total took me about 48 hours by bus and cost me 500 baht. Bus travel is cheap however Im not sure if its a bit more expensive going from singapore but i wouldnt imagine it would be extortionate!Depends on where abouts you are going, its quite a long trip up to KL, or its a short trip just up into the south so you might be best off working your way up by bus stopping off at places where you want to on the way!!!As for companies etc just go to any travel or tour places once you are there, make sure it looks decent so you dont get ripped off and find a decent price!Have fun!

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By bus it should be about 5 hours or so. Train takes a longer time. Both can be just as comfortable. There are some very special VIP buses that goes to KL but can be quite expensive ... there's just too many to tell you which to look for. If you are coming from Singapore you have to check them from there. Could range from RM50 - RM90 or more if it's in Sing dollars.

To stay check this out :

If you are in Kuala Lumpur city there's lots of shopping complexes (if you like wandering around there), the lake gardens (orchid garden, birdpark, etc.) and places to eat (plentiful).

If you intend to travel around malaysia you can go to the beaches (Pulau Tioman, Redang, Perhentian) or hills (Fraser's, Cameron's, Maxwell's) or popular states (Melaka, Penang, etc)

The most popular thing for a malaysian to do is to hang out at the 'mamak' stalls at night. You can practically find these places everywhere. They are just 24 hour stalls with reasonably priced food & drinks where everyone goes there to catch up, talk politics, gossip until the wee hours of the night.

I think during the date that you are coming over you will be caught in a frenzy of people shopping and preparing for Chinese New Year. It can be quite alarming if you are not used to crowds & traffic jams. But if you continue to stay until the day of the festive season you will find that the city will suddenly become quite remote & abandoned.

Finally, one point of caution. Try not to carry handbags or sling bags - there's a spate of frequent snatch thieves moving about. Stuff everything in your pocket or hidden pouch if you can and just be a little more wary. I hope I didn't scare you.

Alas, enjoy while you're here!!! It can be quite a treat.

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Hi Jass,

The Singapore-KL bus trip takes about 5 hours.

The 29th January is Chinese New Year Day, and many Malaysians working in Singapore will return a few days before that day. Since it's only two weeks away, most of the tickets, if not all, would have been snapped up.

Try your luck on this two bus companies. Be prepared to pay a premium though, as they are running premium bus service.


There are many other bus companies providing affordable bus services, but they do not have online booking like the two above. Ask around when you're in Singapore.

Good luck.