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1. Posted by absolut (Budding Member 2 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello Everyone

Thinking about Poland for next adventure- anyone been and has any good tips? places to stay all the usual aswell as the unusual appreciated.


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I can suggest Torun. Nice small town in the West.

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Hi! I just spent my last summer holidays there. Went to Warsaw, Krakow, Zakopane in the mountains and Gdansk in the north. I think these are the basics for the country, but I can provide you with adresses and some tips for your journey if you want, sent me a msg!

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yes you can see many many things in Krakow.
But Zakopane is really beautiful and as yolandac8 wrote..you should enjoy in Gdansk.

ps : if you go to Gdansk, don't miss Sopot. All nightclubs are there.

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the old town (Stare Myasto) in warsaw is a must see:) it's like just came out from te papers of some fairy-tale book:)
and I've heard that Poznan and Wroclav are worth visiting also but didn't manage to go there:(

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Hi. There are some places to reccomend in Poland but you must reember that the distance from one town to another is about 200-700 km.
From Cracow to Warsaw 300 kM, from Cracow do Gdansk 700 km.
From Cracow to Wroclaw 250 km.
From Cracow to Zakopane 100 km.

I put the Cracow as a point to start sightseeing, becouse I really think you can not miis it. It was the first capital of Poland. University town - since 1364. The first Univercity in Poland. And the war hasn't destroyed it. Beside Old Town (plenty of galleries, book shops, butiques, and cafes (!!!) and restaurants (!!!) you have a jewish district with a great atmosphere, Synagogue, hostels, Jewish Centre, little shops and clubs as well. This town lives round the year becouse the University is just at the Old Town. Students, artist, musicians, tourists all meet there. Passing, having a lunch, drink, going to lecture or work. You also have many interesting museums, Wawel Castle, modern galleries, restaurant. All close to each other. I really recommend it!

The closest interesting spot to Cracow is Wieliczka, Zakopane, Auschwits - former nazist extermination camp (http://www.auschwitz.org.pl/).

Cracow to Wieliczka - 15 km. It is the largest salt mine to visit. (http://www.kopalnia-wieliczka.pl/home.php?action=&id_language=)

Cracow to Zakopane - 100 km.
Zakopane is a town it Tatra Mountains. If you like trecking, climbing or skiing it is a place for you. But it is also a place of traditional habits, food and music tipicle for the highlanders. (http://www.zakopane.pl/articles.php?topic=30).
It is faster to go by minibus than by train!!!

Wroclaw (http://www.wroclaw.pl/ms/english/) in my opinion is a second City to see, Gdansk the third one.

And Warsaw? I am sorry to say this, becouse I live here is rather an unplesant place for tourist. Spots are dispersed. Not only monuments but also cafes and clubs and restaurants. And it is more expensive.

If I could help just send me a msg, please. I will try to answer any questions. I am not often on the forum.