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Thank you for making that list. It was very helpful indeed. Although this thread has not been active for long but I found it and it helped me a lot.

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Quoting hk_kiddo


i am thinking of buying a backpack of about 70 L and cant decide between lafuma or deuter! i am thinking btw lafuma landcruiser or deuter's aircontact/aircontact lite/quantum. Does anyone know which one is the most comfortable?

i really like deuter's quantum as it has a detachable bag and it can be opened in the middle (as opposed to just taking things just top and bottom of the bag), but i believe that it has the worst back system? ( according the the website aircontact has a system called aircontact while quantum only has a back system called the variquick)

thank you so much!



Without knowing anything about you or the purpose you're buying the backpack for, I'd say get one half that size!!

What is your own weight (you don't have to answer, but take it into consideration) - if your going for a long backpacking trip you don't wanna carry around a backpack weighting almost or even half your own weight... Travel light is essential!!

Sorry if I seem bordering the aggressive in this advise, but buying the wrong backpack is both the worst and most common mistake among (new) travellers...

Deuter's Quamtun (the backpack) alone weights 3 kilos.. In comparison does my own 28 L weight 14 kilos fully loaded (though, to be fair, I might be packing more weight in books than in clothing)...

Be also aware of the fact that the Lafuma is a hiking, not travelling, backpack... It is designed for another purpose and will not keep your belonging safe as most compartment if any cannot be locked, even with a simple padlock...

I you do want a Deuter, I'd say go for the 50 L transit or something similar... Again, taking you own size into consideration...

Finally, make sure you try it on, fully loaded before you decide.. So at least make sure you're able to return it...

Again, sorry if this post seems to be very much up in you face, but I'd really hate to see any traveller struggling with their backpack - plenty does that already

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askgudmundsen, do you realize you're responding to a comment that's almost 3 years old and the person you're answering has never participated in the forum for that entire time?


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54. Posted by askgudmundsen (Travel Guru 82 posts) 8y Star this if you like it!

Haha.. I definitely didn't... Guess I just figured it was a resent post since it was left unanswered in a sticker... Never bothered to actually look at the date.. Sigh!

To her defense, she didn't get an answer for three years ;)

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