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I know its easy to get nursing jobs in Australia and New Zealand, but does anybody know how easy is it for midwives to find work?

I am planning on going back to Uni in September to study for 3 years, then after I'm a qualified midwife and have been practising in the UK for a bit, i would really like to move away from this dreary country. I've always been able to see myself in Australia. If only for a year or so, to see if it works.

I've already used my Australian WHV and anyway I would turn 30 the summer I qualify. How easy is it to get work as a "skilled person". Do you have to secure a job before you get there?

I know its years away, but I am interested to hear from anyone who has worked in health care over there re what its like, career-wise and in general.


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I can tell you that registered midwives are currently on the Migration Occupation In Demand list published twice-yearly by the government. As we are in the middle of a baby boom and the govt is encouraging us to go forth and multiply I would imagine that in 3-years this would not have changed.

I work in the migration industry so send me an email in 3-years time or when you decide to apply.


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I have three friends who are midwives. I'll find out for you and let you know.


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This is what my first midwife friend said. She is no longer a midwife, works more in administration.

"We have a drastic shortage of nurses and midwives so I would think her chances of getting a job would be very high!! I would be surprised if this situation changed in the next 3-5 years - if anything it will get worse as the mean average age of midwives at the moment is 45-50yrs, so many will be approaching retirement (alot bail out at 55). I know, for example, that they are very short of midwives at Canberra Hospital. I am going to be working in the antenatal clinic one session a week from March as part of my current job and they embraced me with open arms when I approached them to do this! I know that sometimes the visa issue can delay things, but I will talk to some colleagues today who employ doctors from overseas (incuding the UK) and see if they know anything about this proces for nurses/midwives. Usually a job can be lined up first before arriving to Oz, but to be honest, I be surprised if she'd have a problem anyhow. In terms of qualifications, I wouldn't think she'd need to do any further trainining as the midwifery training in the UK is on par (if not better) than here. Some hospitals when they give you a job put you on probation and they also put you on a rotation around the maternity areas in the same way they do for new graduates, but it depends on the hospital.

I have worked with midwives who have come over to work from the UK and they didn't have any trouble getting jobs."

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for going to the trouble to find this out!

I still have to get on the course first!


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HI, there i am a midwife, i have been qaulified 3 years now following a 4 year degree programme. We want to go through the immigration process. However one of our children is Registered Blind. He attends mainstream school here in the UK with support at school. He has no medical needs at all.

Anybody any ideas on how we would go on.