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Hi, I am travelling to Central America and South America for 6 months in Sept this year. Can anyone help me with overland tips?
I want to go overland from Costa Rica to Ecuador and Bolivia to Chile. Is it possible to take public transportation or is flying better for these places?

As I am female traveller and going alone, is it worth doing an overland expedition from Chile to Brazil? I am usually not interested in doing tours but would love to hear from those who have been on long overland tours.

Thanks for your help.


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I traveled around Bolivia and just over the border into Peru with my husband and daughter during the winter holidays. We took buses everywhere and if you have the time, it is a cheap and mostly comfortable means of travel. Bus Camas, overnight buses, are especially useful if you sleep well on a bus. My daughter is in Lima right now traveling from Cochabamba, Bolivia, to Chili and now into Peru. She has traveled both alone (something which drives her mother a little nuts) and with friends and has met with no troubles. She is pretty city savvy and because she has been in Bolivia for months now, she blends in with the natives to some degree. I think that if you speak Spanish and are a smart traveller, traveling alone is not especially dangerous. I found the guide books pretty good about noting places that were unsafe for single females to travel to. In our travels we went to major tourist sites and even there it would have been somewhat more challenging without any Spanish.

Feel free to write privately to me if you want more info. We just loved traveling in Bolivia and hope to go again very soon.


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I've been travelling mainly in Peru, Chile, Bolivia. Airplanes are very cheap in Peru. I flew from Iquitos to Lima and from Lima to Cuzco, which costed me two times 64 dollars, but saved me many hours on boats/busses. Buses in Peru and Bolivia our not that good, but good enough ;) Most of the time they are very old buses...but the prices are very cheap. A good route is the following, when you start from lima:
Lima,(Arequipa),Cuzco, Puno, La Paz, Uyuni, San Pedro de Atacama (Chile). You should try to take the 4 day jeep trip from Uyuni (bolivia) to San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. You cross the andes in jeep, and you see amazing salars, lagoons, flamencos, llamas... This is one of my best experiences in South America...
In Chile busses are excellent, even better then in Europe, but distances are long... From Calama to santiago takes like 20 hours, but that's okay on a night bus :) If you want to go to South Chile from Santiago, there are three options:
2)cross the border to argentina (mendoza) and then go south by buss
3)take the bus to Puerto Monnt, then take the boat to Puerto Natales (www.navimag.com for more info about the boat)
If you have more questions: just message me

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Overland from Costa Rica to Panama is easy - especially on the Atlantic side from Sixuola to Changinola and them go to Bocas del Toro - you can then overland through Panama to Panama City. From there however you will need to fly to Colombia or Ecuador - I still have my doubts about traveling alone (male or female) in Colombia - my friends who travel there regularly on business certainly don't recommend it - except for Cartegena.
Hope this helps...