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Im planning to travel from Tibet overland through Nepal into India. Ive seen quite a few tours coming from Nepal into Tibet but not any going the other way. Are there any tips that i should know about before attempting this? Should i try and book this before i leave home or wait until i get there? Is it safe to travel over the mountains due to risk of altitude sickness? Would it be easier to fly, or would that mean missing out on an exciting part of the trip...

Any info would be gratefully received

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Hi there. I recently spent some time in Lhasa, and although I didn't travel to Nepal over land, I thought I should let you know that while I was there I came across a lot of people looking for other people to share the cost of transport (ie, jeep and driver) over the friendship highway to Nepal. There was a posting board at the hotel I stayed in (the Lhasa Yak Hotel), which was covered with notices looking for jeep shares. If you're happy to hang round for a while until there's enough people to share a jeep, then you won't have a problem getting to Nepal overland.

Another option is to get a tour company in Lhasa to organise it for you - there was a tour company at the Lhasa Yak Hotel, and another at The Snowland Hotel (Snowland tour company and hotel both popular with backpackers). They would be able to sort out your transport to Nepal for you - an advantage of this is that you will be able to meet your driver and see your jeep before setting of, and you'll therefore be able to ask for a different driver or jeep if you're not happy with the ones they're offering you.

These are both much cheaper options than organising it outside of Tibet, but if you'd rather leave home knowing that it's all sorted then have a hunt around online, I think you should find a handfull of tour companies which will organise it for you in advance.

I hope this helps. Tibet was an amazing place, the people were very friendly, and the country was beautiful - I think you'll see some amazing scenery if you get the chance to travel to Nepal by land. And if you give yourself some time in Lhasa to get over your altitude sickness (you'll need at least 4 days) then that side of things shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Have fun!

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Definitely, it worths the trip.
Most of Nepalese agencies subcontract Tibetan agents to do the job. I've done the opposite way (KTM-Lhasa) last march/05. There is the ordinary way of doing it with a big group, which is much cheaper (~US$ 200). I think it lasts 3-4 days. When I did it I chose to pass thru everest base camp and stop by the nepalese side at a great bungge jump (2nd in the world - info@tlr_nepal.wlink.com.np). To do this you must pay a private tour, which is around US$ 800 (the car, hotel and breakfast - 5 days).
Try to find more travellers to join you and share this cost.
Search an for mr. wanchuk at neerlalit@hotmail.com
I did this trip with a really nice guy called Pinbin. If you meet him, send regards!

Nice trip!