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Hi everyone, and specially travellers and citizens of Canada and Edmonton. How's the city and the people, what do you there (apart from the famous out-doors) and would you recommend to go/live there? I'm going as an exchange student for a year, I didn't get my first-hand-choice (Montreal) and don't know whether to go to Edmonton or wait an other year for Montreal. Luxurious problem, I know, but I'd really much appreciate opinions and advises! Pros and cons please!!!


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Hey Kuta;;

I have been to Edmonton (and the rest of Alberta) many times on business over the past 15 years.

Edmonton is a mid-sized city, probably just less than 1 million population. The terrain is flat, flat, flat, and its 3 hours drive to the mountains. Summers are wonderful, winters are hell. There are some great areas of town, notably Whyte Ave. near the university (pubs, shopping, great restaurants). The university is one of the best in Canada....but its huge (probably 40,000 students). People are very friendly.

Montreal is Canada's best city by far. Wonderful bilingual culture, very historic, great nightlife, fairly cheap to live there. People not as friendly, especially if you are not bilingual, but still an overall great city.

Personally, I would hold out for Montreal.

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I live in Calgary, and I would hold out for Montreal too

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Hey there!
OK i am still in canada and have been to both Montreal and Edmonton, and really it's a tough decision.
OK montreal is the place to be. Fun, things to do anytime of the year and it's simply a place that you spend one day in and go "I could live here". Really the city is fantastic and i fell in love with it immediatley.

Edmonton on the other hand is boring and ugly. OK that sounds harsh but really there isnt a lot. OK it's a city so it has the bars and clubs and whatever.. but compared to Montreal it's like comparing a sunset to a light globe.. montreal is simply stunning.

I actually have a friend ho goes to uni in edmonton and the uni lifestyle is great there.. in fact the uni is a really 1st rate one. but if you want to have a good time and really be proud of the city you live in... MONTREAL all the way!

If you can wait do it.. it'll be worth it.