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First of all, Hello!
Here is the situation, i have a friend getting married in Debki near Gdansk in Poland, around the end of June this year, this should take up three days, then me and a mate want to travel on, we plan to take around two weeks off work. Now do we head south from Gdansk and go to Warsaw, Krakow in Poland and then maybe carry on to the Czech Rep. Prague etc. then Slovakia and finish up in Hugary?
Or.... do we travel left of Gdansk and go through kalingrad (spellig?!) then travel up through Lithuania, Latvia and finish up in Estonia? I know i'm sure either route we will enjoy, but has anyone carried out a similar route? To give you a better picture, we are both males in our late twenties, budget is not that important, although ideally like to stay in hostels for the social side, and of course we love sampling local liquors and bars/clubs of the places we stay at Also neither of us have visited any of the aforementioned places. Cheers for your advice!

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ah what a life when this is a decision for you ;)


I have done both routes (more or less) and you cant go wrong with either. I would suggest the Baltics tho! Had so many good times in those countries! But If you go south - Slovakia, Romania and Hungary are worth the trip south to the Carpathians and Danube delta ;)

When u decide on route - ask again and I can advise where to go in said route.

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Hi Jeff, having spoke to my travelling companion yesterday i believe we are now heading East for the Baltics! We were originally thinking of travelling post wedding in Poland, but as he can't get the holiday he wanted for after the wedding, we are now going to travel down towards Poland and end up there, setting off around the 9th June. We will get a one-way flight to Estonia and start from there then through Latvia, Lithuania, Poland.
If you/anyone have any tips on what to see, how best to travel from country to country and experiences of accommodation, would be gratefully received!

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heya good choice!
I went from Helsinki - St Petes down thru Tallinn/Riga and Vilnius. So i can advise on much to see.

Tallinn is one if the most attractive cities I have ever seen. The Vana Tom hostel in the center is a great hostel with usually a good crowd of backpackers. Its also upstairs to a strip club!
The city has a great night life with most peeps crowding into the Roxy club. Across the hostel there are good bars - one called - The No Name Bar was quite cool and open late!

From there take a bus to Riga (Take only buses in the Baltics - much cheaper)
Riga was fanatstic for nightlife and women! When i was there about 4 years ago there was no hostel ... we stayed ina cheap hotel real communist style! I have heard now that there are hostels so sorry i cant advise. But the Occupation Musuem is a must see as well.

Now Vilnus - one of the best cities i have ever been too! I had so much fun there that i dont wanna go back incase its never as good as it was ;) The Hostel near the Gates of Dawn - near the center is called The Old Town Hostel. Its one of the nicest hostels ive stayed in. The city is small and layed out easy. We went to the Expat hangouts for a while until we met local girls and they took us to the best underground clubs - one is called Gravity - its in a former Nuclear bunker and a bit outta the center. Theres great Jazz bars as well in the center. I got stuck in the city and spent almost a week there!

Well hope this helps. Need anymore info?

Poland - Torun, Warsaw, and Krakow - i took trains around here.
Do u need info on Poland as well? What cities will you go too?
Was in Poland last year..on a different trip

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Some good pointers there cheers. I'm going to save touring Poland for another trip as we will only have time to spend the three days in Gdansk for the wedding at the end of the trip.
Going to have to investigate that Tallin hostel with the strip joint upstairs - sounds interesting! Done a bit of research on 'in-your-pocket' site and see that the town Tartu and Parnu in Estonia look worth visiting en-route to Latvia - Getting a bit concerned i'm not going to fit it all in in two weeks! :( Vilnus will definately be on the plan, rekon i'll need to buy an extra memory card for the camera, that 1GB i've got might not be enough!

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Parnu is the summer capital of Estonia and would probably be quiet at this time of year - I went at the beginning of September 2 years ago and the town was very quiet.

Riga now also has a few hostels in the same building as a few of the strip clubs that have popped up there recently (I think they are on Marstalu Iela, same street as Pupu Lounge and Radi Un Draugi hotel).

If you want nightlife pointers for Riga or Tallinn let me know and I'll try and give you a run down on some of the clubs there.