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Dear All,
Ok everybody said do not travel by bus or rail in ireland, but it seems that we have to travel by bus and rail. So, can anybody give us a few good tips how to travel from Belfast to Dublin and then in the South? What especially do we have to know that we are not frustrated after our vacations?

Thanks a lot!


2. Posted by Gelli (Travel Guru 2457 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Belfast to Dublin is easy by train. Just turn up and go, no need to even pre book. In the south, Dublin - Cork is the main core route by train. Most otehr routes have a more limited service, but a little planning and use of the timetables at stations will get you around.

For more local and NS routes which don't involve via Dublin, you will need to use the bus. There aren't always that many, but there are normally more than enough, and a little planning will be fine. Hitchhiking is also normally very easy in Ireland, although you should be aware of the risks etc involved.

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Someone who tells you not to travel by bus or rail in Ireland isn't really leaving you an option other than to rent a car while your here. The roads and traffic are so bad that I think you'd be crazy to rent a car.

My suggestion is train it as much as you can, there is a decent rail network, but it will seriously pale in comparison to what you're used to at home.

My advice, as an Irish person, would be to come to Ireland for the sights, the people, the culture and the history, but NOT for the transport system. checkout this the website that has all the state run trains, buses and light rail systems on it with timetables and fares etc.

Have a lovely time, and please try to forgive our bad transport system!

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Hi there..

Living in Belfast i make the odd trip to Dublin each year and i have to say that the bus or train is an excellent way to travel. There are 2 companies that leave belfast for around £7.00 one way to Dublin ( pretty cheap.. takes bout 2 1/2 hrs. The other option is the Enterpirise Train leaving Belfast for Dublin Station, a bit more expensive but very comfortable! Either way both bus and train run frequently and are very reliable... Hope this helps

Enjoy Ireland..

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Make sure you have enough time and take something to eat and drink with you.

You got a buscompany, bus eiran I believe, that is spread out over the country and will get you from almost every point, it only takes you sometimes a long time.

And the only point what I hated about the combination, bus + road, the busdrivers, drive quite fast for the condititon of the road, not saying that they are bad drivers or so. And if you sit in a bus, you get another feeling when going over all the bumps in the road and turns, than when you sit in a car.

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hehehe, it seems like everybody are going to ireland...sorry 4 changing the subject, but i realy nead some informations about spain-madrid, & even more than that, i nead an information about travelling by rail trough Europe. i'm from belgrade (serbia&montenegro)and i'm searching 4 the best way to get to spain as cheap as possible:)thax