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Can anyone recommend any places to stay in Croatia?


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Hiya Marten,

Excellent choice! Croatia is stunningly beautiful and the Croatians are so friendly! I went there last summer, but dicided to go there again. Perhaps this summer. Here are my recommendations:

(1) Rovinj (small town on a hilly peninsula, about the same size as Chester, definitely one of the Croatia's gems, though rather touristy and not cheap at all!)
(2) Pula (large town that isn't very attractive and in fact quite disappointing if you've visited Rome first)
(3) Zadar (one of my favourites, very nice laid-back atmosphere and an excellent base from which to visit the Plitvice Lakes, a swim in the Adriatic and visit some of the islands, and you should check out the Arsenal, which is a recently opened and very nice lounge bar/art gallery)
(4) National Park of the Plitvice Lakes (another one of the Croatia's gems, a lushly green valley with dozens of small waterfalls interconnecting several lakes, a must see place, though keep in mind it's a top tourist attraction)
(5) Kornati islands (booooooooooooring)
(6) Šibenik (a small town, that I found rather dull and unattractive)
(7) Krka National Park (similar to the Plitvice Lakes, but smaller and a bit disappointing if you visit the Plitvice Lakes first)
(8) Primošten (similar to Rovinj, but less touristy and less imressive)
(9) Trogir (just a small town, but with brilliant Venetian architecture. Excellent buslinks with nearby Split and the regional airport (flights to/from London), at night rather dull)
(10) Split (large city which is just butt-ugly, except for the stunningly beautiful and very impressive city centre, another of my favourites)
(11) Hvar (nice island, though a bit touristy and a bit upmarket with a harbour full of massive luxury yaghts)
(12) Korčula (dull and green island, the medieval town of the same name is very very small and nice to visit for one day, but not more than that)
(13) Dubrovnik (A small but great city! Very beautiful, excellent nightlife, but unfortunately a bit too touristy and not attracting the most interesting type of tourists. Visit the neighbouring islands of Lokrum, Mljet, and the Elephites)

It took me three weeks to go from north to south by bicycle and I still did not have enough time to visit the entire country. I haven't yet visited the interior, but I heard Zagreb and Varaždin are worth seeing. A local guy told me that the islands of Rab and Pag a bit dull.
In addition, if you are considering purchasing an InterRail pass to Croatia: don't bother, because the train network is not that good. Even worse than in England (yes, that is possible!). The bus network on the other hand is excellent. Buses are cheap and even the smallest towns are served.

I hope this is useful to you. Enjoy your stay!


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Vis is a gorgeous quiet and unspoilt island. Some lovely places to swim in the beautiful clear see. If you can get a local to show you where, there are some fun places to jump off cliffs into the sea.

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Vis is indeed supposed to be gorgeous, but watch out where you're going, because Vis still has several minefields from the time the headquarters of the Partisans were located there during the Second World War. A fellow countryman lost his leg last July due to a WW2-mine. Check with the local tourist office for places where not to go.

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depending what are you looking for, and when are you going.... (i was born in Yugoslavia and spent big part of my life on Croatian coast)
skip the big towns, but they are good for direct flights (direct London-Dubrovnik). rent a cheap car, or just drive if you have time, and hit the islands. krk, brac, hvar are excellent for nightlife in summer especially in august. hvar is bit touristy though... don't eat in big restaurants with menus in English, expensive, rather befriend local and you will have a blast. if you are looking for history, every little place has its own share of roman empire (:
again, depending what are you looking for....e-mail me and i will be able to help you more
have fun