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I´ll be travelling from Thailand (Bangkok) to Laos. Then Laos Vietnam from north to south, then cross to Camboya and then to Thailand again.
I´d appreciate sugestions about routes, transport and the borders locations.
¿I´ts posible to get the visa on the border?

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You can obtain a 15-day-visa at the Lao border (one passport photo must be provided+$30 cash) ,but the vietnamese visa you will need to get prior to arrival. It can be purchased in Thailand or Laos. You'll need to count about one week to have it ready. I don't know about Cambodia.

There are several lao-thai ground borders, crossing the Mekong Rivers. tAnd to go to Vietnam from Laos,here are the northern borders that are opened to foreigners: Nam Phao/Cau Treo, I heard it is a gorgeous but very long bus trip (from Vientiane to Vinh or Hanoi) or Na maew/Nam Xoi, up north, shorter trip if you plan on visiting northern Laos. the Nam Can/Nam Khan border is not recommended as it is a long detour from northern Laos to almost central Vietnam then again up north Vietnam.

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Hi Miguel,

Just returned after being on the road since December...backpacking thru BKK to Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia...My purpose was to test out the new international border crossing between Laos and Vietnam at Na Meo-Na Xoi.I was in Xam Neua ( and a host of other places) for three days before deciding on the border crossing...It was freezing cold...and from Na Xoi to Thanh Noa City, south of Hanoi, transport is tricky! Give me your e-mail and I will attach my travel itinerary, complete with everything that you have asked for in this posting.



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Hi Dana, Miguel et al!

I am travelling through South East Asia at the moment and am planning on moving through Laos to Vietnam. Basically I want to enter Vietnam as far north as possible (close to Hanoi) and then travel down through the country. Can you please let me know where the border crossings are? Both the Rough Guide and Lonely Planet only mention 2 - Cau Treo and Lau Bao, but these are further south than I would like.

Any other tips would also be welcome ;)

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Myra,

there are five overland international border gates between Laos & Vietnam and the first one Nameo-Namxoi is on the top(see below)...once u cross over to quan son, u can take transport (bus or truck- warning:i was told the bus leaves at 3-4am!!!, i missed that cos in crossed over about noon and managed to hitch a ride in a truck which was heading for thanh noa city.but if u are lucky, u will find transport to hanoi, sometimes as far as hoa binh, and u change there for hanoi).

Na Meo Border Gate in Thanh Hoa Province(latest opened April 2004):

From Vinh Loc in Thanh Hoa Province, along highway 217, across Na Meo Border Gate (Na Meo Commune, Quan Son highland district, Thanh Hoa Province) to Laos.

Nam Can Border Gate in Nghe An Province:

From Dien Chau in Nghe An Province, along highway 7, across Nam Can Border Gate in Nam Can Commune, Ky Son District, Nghe An Province) to Laos.

Keo Nua Border Gate in Ha Tinh Province:

Keo Nua (Cau Treo) Border Gate is at the foot of Keo Nua Pass. Buses from Hanoi to Hong Linh Town (Ha Tinh Province), then along highway 8, direct to Vientiane (Laos) by across Keo Nua Border Gate.

Lao Bao Border Gate in Quang Tri Province:

Buses from Hue City (Thua Thien - Hue Province) to Dong Ha (Quang Tri Province), along highway 9, across Lao Bao Border Gate, direct to Savannakhet (Laos).

Cha Lo Border Gate in Quang Binh Province:

From Hanoi to Ba Don (Quang Binh Province) along highway 1A. From Ba Don, along highway 12A, across Cha Lo Border Gate in Dan Hoa Commune, Minh Hoa District, Quang Binh Province to Laos.


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Hi Dana,

Thanks for useful information. Can you please send me your itinerary?