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1. Posted by saminaqk (Budding Member 3 posts) 15y Star this if you like it!

Hi. i'm coming down to visit my sis in detroit from india and from there wish to visit places in the nearby states on the east coast. am travelling with husband and 8 yr old son. What's worth visiting around - especially for a family - and what's the best way to get there? i have just 4 weeks. Detroit will be my base and i dont mind doing detroit-destination-detroit trips either. Thanks.

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You don't say when you will be traveling, and it makes a difference - weather wise. You are not far (relatively) from Niagara Falls, and it is something all of you would enjoy. Lots to see and do there - if interested, I can give you some of the things I did there with my grandchildren last summer.

Find a children's museum, join one that has reciprocal priviledges and stop often at these to make the trip more enjoyable for an 8 year old...almost every major city has one, and a couple of hours break doing fun things is great.

Head west for Minneapolis, go to the west edge of MI and ride the dune buggies at the sand dunes. The adults enjoy it as much as the kids.
cirlce MI through the upper section and stop at Ste St Marie _ kinda dull for kids, but interesting - great bridge - go through the locks -and then on to Mall of America in Minneapolis- great fun for kids, and a pretty drive to get there. Come back south thorugh Wisconsin Dells (pure tourism at its best) and stay in a hotel with a water park, ride the ducks.

If you are there in the fall, go south to OH and tour a farm with a corn maze. Challenging (wonderful if you are a Harry Potter fan), and fun.

South of Detroit is an animal park (Port Clinton) you can drive through and feed some of the animals...ride a camel.

I travel often with kids 6,9,12 so let me know if you need suggestions.

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One thing I remember being very fun in that part of the world when I was a kid was Paul Bunyan Land in Minnesota. If you go to the Twin Cities. Minneapolis/St. Paul, you'll be most of the way there already.. Great fun for an 8 year old.

How far are you looking to go? There is Thunder Bay in Canada, which would be about 12 hours from Detroit or so driving, that is a wonderfull place for a family to visit. Much closer is London Canada which I have always enjoyed visiting, but I was born there so I might be partial.

The Naval Pier in Chicago is nice too.

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Hi friends. Thanks for the response. I am going to be travelling between 17th of May to 15th of June '04. I also intend to go to Canada if i can work it in.

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hi folks. i am also planning to visit Canada and have decided to extend my trip by a week so i'll be traveling for a total of 5 weeks.

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If you haven't been, you ought to go to New York of the greatest cities on earth. Museums, Central Park, Rockefeller Plaza, Broadway theatre, wonderful restaurants, people-watching, the Statue of Liberty has re-opened, and much, much more.

From there you could also venture into New England. Boston is a wonderful city and there are also many beautiful little New England towns.