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1. Posted by Hannahwa (Budding Member 33 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia.

What vacines do i need for these countries?

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you dont need any for Malaysia...and as for Indonesia, maybe against malaria...depending on the places you plan to very remote areas it helps!


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Hello~!I went to south east Asia a few months back and had quite a few before I went: Typhoid, Hepatitus A, Booster of my Tetanus, Polio and Dipheria and I opted to pay and have my Rabies also....I should have also gotten Hepatitus B but I didnt have enough time before I went to have the full course of Vaccines....I myself am going to India so went back to the doctor last week to see if there are any more that I needed before I went and all I got was my Hepatitus B. So these ones, except the Rabies are ones strongly reccommended for travel to these countries so I say make an appointment at your doctors to get them!
Also the doctor or nurse will look into all the exact areas of each country that you are going to and tell you if there is any additional hazards for certain regions. They really know their stuff!as for Tibet and Laos Im not too sure about any of those so you would have to look into it!Also I was going to go to Indonesia and she said that in certain areas it was highly recommended to get the Japanese B Encephalitus vaccine so ask about that too! The nurse will be able to tell you exactly which Malaria pills you need to take as some areas require different ones and so forth!
So definatley get the basics injection wise and then they will tell you the pros and cons of additional things you can have if you want!
Oh yeah and If you decide to get your Rabies I found that the pharmacy at Asda does is cheaper than anywhere else I looked into!!!!

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Yeah, for Thailand I needed Hepatitis A, Flu Shot, Tetnis, and Meningitis. I also needed a typhoid shot, but since they had done all of those on the same day, they just decided to give me an oral vaccine for typhoid. Basically you take 4 pills every other day and you're set.