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1. Posted by Reemus (Budding Member 5 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Me and my best friend are planning on traveling across Europe for two months this summer and were wanting to see as much as we can while we were there. I was hoping to find the cheapest way to get around. I’ve been looking on line and found that a youth pass for Eurail is going to cost 897 USD. Does anyone have any experience with this pass. I was wondering if it might be cheaper to purchase individual train tickets. Also we are still trying to decide where would be the best place to fly in and out of, we would like to make this two different places to avoid backtracking (the cheapest places to fly from would be great). I really appreciate any advice that can be given.

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Hey man, my name is Jacob. My friend Luc and I are also planning a trip to Europe this summer. We are just starting to research how to go about traveling and what is going to be the cheapest. We are real free spirits and just want to find the cheapest way to experience Europe for all that it is worth in 3 weeks. You should drop me an email, -snip- That way we can exchange ideas and information as we go along the learning process of European travel. We can't decide right now if we are going to get the Eurailpass or if we are going to rent a car. So far it kind of seems as though renting a car would be cheaper and would allow us more freedom. We are also planning on camping when we can and staying in hostiles. So anyways, we could use some help in the planning process so please get in touch with me and we can stay in touch. Thanks, JACOB

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depends where u travel. If u are in eastern europe the eural pass may not cover much of the area and buses may be a better option in places like the Baltics. Iv never used the eurail pass myself so cant give an honest answer. But I can suggest dont rent a car. You will have to worry about theft, parking, traffic laws, left side of road - if ur in the UK ;) and some of the best travel journeys I had have been in the trains just gettin to places - I met interesting peeps in the trains around hungary, romania especially. Car maybe cheaper but the train rides thur places like the Carpathians and the Alps are beautiful!

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Jeff, I'm the friend to which Reemus is referring. One thing that I've thought about is getting a one-month pass and seeing things in Western Europe for a month (still working on what it is we want to see) and then going to Eastern Europe for the second month. It doesn't seem that the Eurail offers extensive coverage in Eastern Europe as it does in Western Europe. How did you get around Eastern Europe? It seems that there is an adequate rail system available for travel, but we'd love to have your input. Thanks!

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the month ticket of eurolines, the bus version of the eurorail, cheaper and you see a lot more

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I second the notion of striking the car rental from the itinerary. They're fairly cheap to rent, but the gas is astronomical. And if you're planning on using it as a train substitute, it would get ridiculous.
Also, for train tickets starting in France, you can check prices on But without a youth card, I would suggest you bring some eurail passes. With the selectpass, I went Paris, Brussels, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris for the same price as a regular Paris - Berlin ticket. Not too bad.

Best of luck