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It´s ok if i go with euros to Thailand, Laos, Malaysia?

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Well, it's okay to take them with you but they're useless.... you'll have to have local currency in all these countries. Same actually if you took USD; you'd have to change to local currency too. The only places that actually take foreign currency will charge you a RIDICULOUS exchange rate and are usually 5 star type places where they're used to tourists flying in and out for short trips and not bothering to change money. I would definitely exchange some money before going, and just use an ATM card after arrival to take out more as needed...

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It´s ok if i go with euros to Thailand, Laos, Malaysia?

Like the previous message said, you should exchange your
euros or dollars for local currencies. You don't have to worry about being stuck with any foreign currency, you will have a chance to change the money back into your home currency at the airport.

Be sure to check with your credit card company to see if you get socked with any high fees for using your ATM cards overseas. Some cards have low fees for ATM use and some stick it to you - plus you will get at least 2 months of interest tacked on! If you have a card with high fees don't make a lot of small ATM withdrawals where the fees might be higher than the withdrawal. Some people who only make minimum payments on credit cards will probably never notice the extra fees.

When you change your money over make sure you get some small bills for paying taxi cabs or making purchases in small shops. Some stores may not be able to cash large denominaton notes.

For small purchases I prefer to use cash instead of credit cards anyway. There are scams where you make a small purchase in one country with a credit card and your credit card info is called in to a totally different country, like Hong Kong for instance, and lots of expensive things are charged to your card! You don't find out about those fraudulent purchases until you get your statements at home!

Use the safety box provided by most decent hotels, store your money, Travellers Checks, and any valuables you can fit in it. Don't leave that security box key out in plain sight in your hotel room. It's not only the hotel staff you have to be cautious of - you are just as likely to have something stolen by your fellow travellers in the next hotel room!


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Quoting miguel_es

It´s ok if i go with euros to Thailand, Laos, Malaysia?

similar to the guys above, malaysia and thailand are like most developed countries, say if you're in the uk, you'll have to spend pounds, and same applies in these two countries malaysia is ringgits and thailand is baht, easy to change your currency over in these countries. but laos you can spend us dollars or laos kip, but you can change what ever currency you have into laos kip, they are familiar with us dollars the xchange rate is about 1 dollar = 10000 kip, the main cities which you are likely to go to luang prabang and vientanne have banks and would easily change travellers cheques or foreign currency. but in general when it come to money there are so many options available and its not the most difficult thing to change or get, the difficult part is making a choice e.g. taking travellers cheques and changing them to us dollars, or taking us dollars and changing them to kip, or taking thai baht and changing that to us dollars or laos kip...