hi im new and thinking of drifting over to canada

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you can call me drifter and im new here so i look forward to reading your posts.

that being said
im 30 years old and have lived in the us all my life....im getting restless and would like to see and possibly live in other parts of the world.
canada was my first choice because it is still close to home, but from what i hear...it is a world appart from the states.
i have worked mediocer jobs and dont have too many attachments here at home and was wondering if you might have suggestions as to where i could find a nice peacefull and friendly part of canada to migrate to?
somewhere that one can find a simple job and live out a simple life.....not a retirment community ..i do like to go out and have fun, but a place that i can go to relax when i need to get away from the city life.......a job at fast food places is fine as im not looking to get rich just maintain a simple life.
sorry this thread is so long!!.........and thank you for any suggestions you might have, also if you need more specific info feel free to ask
thx again and nice meeting you all


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Canada is different from the states that's for sure but I guess it depends where you want to go. Things you have to consider are climate, cause I don't know where you're from in the states, but Canada is a cold country, and I was born and raised. I'm from Montreal so our city is colder than most other major cities, but you should consider that you will be getting about 4 months of summer a year.

Other than that, I should mention that a fast food job will not be paying you too much, and it will be hard to actually maintain a comfortable lifestyle with those wages. However, if you don't really care about the money, you should consider what type of town you want to live in. Other than a relaxed yet non-"old" city, you should consider what type of climate you want to live in. You can live in the Maritimes, which is a calm atmosphere, but you can get the hip factor in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Then there are the major cities, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. You can get the most ethnic diversity in these cities, as well as a happening nightlife and calmer neighbourhoods. Montreal I will say is more ethnically diverse than the other two cities. The west is always hotter than the east, so if you really cannot take the cold weather, Vancouver is a good bet. I'm not too sure about what it's like in the other parts of Canada.

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Hey drifter,

I agree with travelover, that a fast food job will hardly pay the bills. Unfortunately you will be earning min. wage or a few quarters more and in Canada, min. wage varies by province/territory so it depends where you live. Seriously, the only adequate min. wage is in BC - $8/hr. You will most likely need a couple jobs if you want to be able to live. It's sad but true.

I can add Calgary to the list of major cities in Canada. It is my hometown and a nice place to live. The nightlife, etc. isn't as great as Toronto or Montreal but it isn't too bad. It depends what you're interested in, too. Lots of major musicians still come through Calgary. And we have the Stampede which is a really fun 10 days in July :) There are quite a few jobs up here to snatch, but you gotta remember that it's a university city so you will want to look for work before school gets out. Rent varies. If you want to live on little money, then finding a place with roomates would be your best bet. You can try the classifieds in FFWD, a small independant newspaper circulated around Calgary's shops and public places, free on Thursdays. They have roomate ads. Otherwise try the Herald for appartments, etc. It depends on the neighbourhood but your rent could be anywhere between $500 to over $1000 per month. Split between rommies you could chop off a hundred or so from the lower end of that. Besides that, one benefit to living here would be a weather phenomenon called a chinook. Basically warm air off the pacific drops down onto Calgary several times mid-winter bringing the temp a few degrees above freezing. It happens every other week usually. That means if it gets insanely cold for a bit (-30 degrees Celcius) you can take comfort in the fact that it will warm up again soon. Our summers are decently warm, on average the temp is about 25 degrees Celcius. Typically our summers last from June to Oct. Min. wage in Alberta is $5.90/hr. Everyone pays at least 6 bucks, though, many $6.50/hr, at least for fast food. If you get a coffee shop job or a cafe it'll be around $7, same with retail. Still, that's low for the standard of living here.

Good luck making your decision Post again if you have any more questions about Calgary, and tell us what you decide!


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Travelover is right, Vancouver is definately the milder part of Canada. Winters are no colder then -2 or -3 with little or no snow at all and the summer are bout 27-30 with no humidity. Born and raised there, I can say it gets boring after a while, nightlife-wise. But if you love the great outdoors, we got the ocean, mountains and forest so you can do everything from hiking and camping to skiing and snowboarding to any kind of water sports. The down side to Vancouver is the high living standard. The highest, I believe, in Canada. But its still worth considering! Good Luck!