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1. Posted by sulli (Budding Member 20 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Hello all, I was just talking to my friend there whos sister went to oz for a yr on a working holiday visa,but went to new zealand for a few weeks on a break but upon returning to oz to go working again she was told that she had to leave the country and was banned from oz for 3 yrs!

We are planning to go to new zealand for a break while on a whv in oz and were wondering would we encounter the same problem if we went to new zealand for a few weeks!...supposedly she wasnt able to do that!!! sound!

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I hopped over to New Zealand twice while on a Working Holiday Visa last year, and had absolutely no problem. The visa in my passport even specifically mentioned "multiple entry" (*goes check* - hmm, no, it didn't after all, that was my new zealand working holiday visa).
Anyway, I suspect some working holiday visas have "multiple entry" specified, and some don't. Although the general working holiday visa page says this:

The visa allows a stay of up to 12 months from the date of first entry to Australia, regardless of whether or not you spend the whole time in Australia.

Which seems to pretty clearly state that this will be allowed.

How long ago did this happen to your friend's sister? Did she have the visa in her passport (some people forget to get it), and was this within 12 months of arriving for the first time? (The time you spend outside australia counts as part of the 12 months, while people sometimes think it doesn't.)

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it happened quite a while ago!! I only got the bear details! when you say it has to be in your passport, is that just to keep it in there when you get it?!!
So is it once you enter australia for the first time and your visa comes into play even if you go outside oz then this is still included in your yr visa yeah?

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The way the working holiday visas work is that you get them "electronically", and then after you enter the country, you have to visit an immigration office (unless you arrive at Sydney, which has a person right there for this) and get a sticker in your passport with the details of your visa.
If it happened a long time ago, chances are that there were completely different rules back then though; I think the entire e-visas deal is barely five years old.

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I met someone in Tonga who over-stayed his Oz working visa by a day (due to a delayed flight - not his fault) and then when he applied to return for 4 days in transit they knocked him back and told him he was banned for three years. I suppose technically he broke the rules but nevertheless it seemed a bit harsh to me.

Personally though, I've always found Australian immigration to be totally sound and apart from that dude in Tonga I've never met anyone else who has had any trouble with them.

I reckon provided you stick totally to the rules then they're sound.