London through rome and back in 3 weeks advice please?

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like the subject says, we would like to go through france and italy in 3 weeks landing in london england. Most of the time is hopefully in Paris and Rome,venice, and florence. Basically me and my wife would like to stay in Paris for awhile to get a feel for pairs day to day life. Then we would like to visit the canals in venice etc etc. We have 3 weeks holidays max and about 6000.00 canadian to do this. MY friend and his wife did this in 5 weeks for just over 5 grand canadian. So we would just shorten the days in certain cities for our case. Can anyone offer me some advice on a trip like this?? all replies would be greatly appreciated!!!! thank you


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- Watch the Dollars, the pound doesn’t go too far with the Canadian Dollar.

- If you have the time and money I would recommend spending 4 or 5 days in the city.


- Its a must see city for travelers and like minded people. Like London 4 or 5 days should do the trick depending on your taste and needs.


- Loved it. I spend 4 days there and could have spent 5 or 6. It’s a lovely city with plenty to do. If going to the Coliseum, I recommend a guided tour, well worth the money if you are into a bit of History.


- If in Italy you have to go see this amazing city. I only spent a night there but it would be a lovely city for a couple to spend a few nights in. Well worth the look but not as long as say Rome or Paris.


- So you HAVE a BIT OF MONEY, it’s an expensive place to visit. Once again I only spent the night there on travel. It was nice relaxing city which I did enjoy. Like Venice I didn’t see any reason to stay that long; however I wasn’t with my better half ;)



- if you have the time and money, head to the south of France, maybe Nice and then take a day trip to Monaco (or even better spend the night there)


- a really nice place, with what I thought was the best beer in the world , worth a night or 2, I didn’t get to discover this whole city so I am sure there is plenty more to see and do there.



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I did a similar trip a few summers back - amazing time!

Major advice for Venice - if you're going to be there on a weekend in the summertime, make sure you book a hotel in advance! My friends and I ended up sleeping outside the train station, on the cement. It sucked, but it makes for a great story. And definitely visit one of the glass-blowing islands (like Murano) and go see the glass-blowers.

Rome - loved it! I also spent 4 days there, and still didn't see everything.

Florence - must-see. Michaelangelo's birthplace and inspiration - you can't miss it. And the gelatto is the BEST in Florence.

Paris - make sure you're staying relatively close to the center, or at least on a metro line that can get you to St. Michel (Latin Quarter) quickly. Do NOT stay in the 11th, 19th, or 20th arrondissements. The 11th isn't safe, and the 19th and 20th are too far away. The 15th is a really nice, residential area - if you want to get a feeling of everyday Parisian life, try to find a place there.