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1. Posted by sandy456 (Full Member 213 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!

best food in KL

I'm looking for cheap eats in Kuala Lumpur. Has anyone tasted good food (no pork) while visiting KL? Do you remember any amazing restaurants? I'm looking to spend RM5-10/plate.

2. Posted by danalasta (Respected Member 519 posts) 14y Star this if you like it!


Selamat Datang (meaning Welcome, in Malay) to Malaysia. KL is truly a gastronomical can literally get any food...Mexican, European, Indian, Chinese,Indonesian,etc...okay, for the price you have mentioned, you smile your way to a glorious helping..

Indian Food: okay, if you are staying in the heart of Kl, you can hop over to:
Masjid India area...banana leaf (USD2 with chicken, fish on mutton), or Indian Muslim food (nasi kandar/briyani is the most famous-same price...there are rows and rows of such eateries there...

Benteng area...near Royal Selangor Club beside the courthouse (moorish design) can settle for Malay food,so many can choose a variety of food...satay ( skewered meat cubes, grilled over charcoal fire), mee soto, laksa johor (all noodles), nasi padang ( Indonesian -rice with what you want to go with it...beef, veggie, etc)

Chinatown Petaling Street, you name it , they have it...u can opt out pork...anyway, many eateries in KL are doing away with pork! You can try fried koay teow, wantan noodles, kung foo char, etc.

Western food...well, you have them along jalan, german, even mexican and medit...and if you want more american, try the hardrock cafe next to concorde hotel along jalan sultan ismail.

but for all under one roof, head for the foodcourt in will find food from all the 13 different states in malaysia...and try to malacca fare...baba nyonya food...something debil curry, pindang curry or pongteh...

u also have a similar foodcourt in the 11 floor of the Berjaya Times Square...japanese, norwegian, swedish, chinese,etc.

And if you want to get a feel of expatriate atmosphere...Bangsar is the, music and fun!

So when are you headed for malaysia..? Do msg me if in doubt!



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hi there...
there are a number of food courts in the basement of the shopping centres on bukit bintang, definitely worth checking out, there one in lot 10..


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basically, there are many malay, chinese, indian food you can taste. it is cheap (RM5 or below normally) if you go for stall at road side or non aircon restaurant, if restaurant with aircon then it will be RM5 above normally, it can be quite expensive sometimes, for example one dish for RM15 to RM20. there are many good food around chinatown in Kuala Lumpur(Petaling Street), if you don't want pork, you can ask them whether it is halal (means without pork and for muslim).

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Hi Sandy, first and foremost:" Welcome to Kuala Lumpur!" You will find that KL is a city where you can simply note for a variety of eateries.

If you prefer Malaysian Hawker Style (normally open air; at the road side), I'll suggest Petaling Street and Jalan Alor. These two places are happening. Foods stalls strecth along the roadside. For Petaling Street (day time), you can have a taste on chinese foods; Wan Tan Mee (noodle) & Char Kuay Teow (noodle). At Jalan Alor (night time), you'll have more choices on foods, ranging from Malay, Chinese and Indian style foods. Do note that Chinese food normally serve with pork (non-halal), you may want to ask them to minus off the pork and serve with prawn, chicken or fish meat.

If you're looking for air-cond eateries, I'll suggest Suria KLCC foodcourt as quoted by danalasta. There are two food courts at KLCC, if not mistaken, they named as Signature and Asian Flavours. Heading for more malaysian style cuisine? Visit Asian Flavours. They do not serve pork at Suria KLCC and at the same time you can do some shopping! Twin Towers (a magnificient building) is just beside Suria KLCC, you may want to take some snaps there too!