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I am planning a trip starting in the south of Columbia. My final destination in Columbia will be Cartagena. Then I would like to take a bus over to Venezuela. As any ever done this before? Does any the name of a bus company I can take, price, how long it takes, etc... My main concern is safety!! I am a 22 year old American male and I will be travelling with one friend. We are both pretty good in Spanish. Does any know if this is safe or just a bad idea. Comments and thoughts appreciated!!! Thank you.
Cheers, Brian

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Hi Brian!

Definitely a bad Idea, I really recommend you to spend a little bit more and take a flight.
Have a nice time in South America
Maria Mercedes

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Can you go into a little more detail. Is it because it's dangerous? bad connections?

Have you had first hand experience?

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The border area between Colombia and Venezuela on the Colombian side is dangerous territory for foreigners. It is one of the most dangerous areas in Colombia.

My advice would be to fly.

For more information on safety in Colombia I would advise you check out the website

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You must be a masochist! get a flight..besides the area is like a mini Darien Gap and remember you probably have more in your luggage than some poor person there has earned in a lifetime.

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Keven Site's journal gives you an insight of what is going on in rural Colombia;_ylt=AnT4nIOTMLtZecpEoEO9HWaLFMsF

At present in Latin America Colombia is the only "Hot Zone" country, with Peru on the watch list..ask them why.

Kevin is presently in Nepal.

The only ways to safely travel between Panama and Colombia and vice versa are boat or plane, there is no scheduled ferry service between the two countries and vehicles must be shipped on by container, the owner may not accompany the vehicle enroute. There are commercial sailboat captains in Panama that take on paying passengers from time to time.