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Hi all,
I could with some advice from some wise travellers.

My wife and I will be holidaying in Los Angeles for a week or so some around about July. We wanted to then spend a week relaxing on a tropical beach. We were trying to decide if we should stop over at Hawaii on the way back or fly down to Mexico for the week.

What are everyone's recommendations???

Keep in mind that we wanted also some activities to do. i.e. Jet skying, snorkelling etc. And the wife is keen to do some shopping also. Where is best for that?

Thanks in advance for the tips.

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Mexico is a bit cheaper. Cancun is very nice. Has a bit of everything.


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I prefer Mexico to Hawaii, but it's a personal preference. Also, Mexico tends to be less expensive.

Cancun is the nicest resort in Mexico, but completely out of your way. It's 7 hours east of LA, flying time, presuming you are on a one-stop flight (this is farther than going all the way to New York City).

Either go to Hawaii on your way to or from LA, or else go to a closer Mexican resort to LA (Cabo San Lucas, or Puerto Vallarta). Personally I would suggest Puerto Vallarta, since Cabo gets too hot in July. Both places will very crowded that time of year, so plan and book early.

Another option is to go to Hawaii, but to go somewhere besides the main island of Oahu and its touristy Waikiki Beach. Try Maui, Kauai, or the big island for a more laid-back adventure.

Lastly, you can actually rent a car in LA and drive to the Mexican resorts of either Ensenada or Rosarita Beach which are in the far north of Mexico (just make sure you get the Mexican auto insurance). This is the cheapest option--but the resorts are not nearly up the type you would find in Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, or anywhere in Hawaii.


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depending on your destination in mexico, since it is such a large country...but, if you're thinking of beaches, kauai is absolutely amazing...i recommend it highly, it's truly refreshing and beautiful...kapaa or hanalei for housing. mexico, however, is much cheaper, but you will have to be a smart traveller in order not to get charged "tourist" fees everywhere, learn how to negotiate...i recommend todos santos in baja california, isla mujeres or tulum for the carribean side (not playa del carmen, unless you truly love the company of a thousand others...) bon voyage!

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Mexico is the best.
Go to Cancun and visit Cozumel for scuba diving

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Also, donĀ“t miss Tulum

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Just my opinion but I find Mexico the more desirable destination:

People are friendlier, more like we would love our lives to be.

Food is better and more diverse. Puerto Vallarta is a gourmet capital with 2 huge festivals in May and November, 5 star chefs everywhere and eateries all the way along the scale to street food and family hideaways. See my restaurant guide.

Beaches are not nearly as superb as parts of Hawaii. Not smooth and white but the vistas are gorgeous and rugged at places with hillsides crashing to the shoreline.

Prices are lower across the board: hotels, condos, food, drinks, souvenirs, etc.

San Francisco, CA./Puerto Vallarta, JAL.

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I've never been to Mexico but completely fell in love with Hawaii when I went there in November...we stayed in Oahu so it was pretty touristy but relaxing on the beach, surfing and eating good food was exactly what we wanted after 2 months of hectic travelling.