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Does anyone know of the best place to do thai-boxing in Thailand? I am a girl, have learned thai-boxing before for one year and would like to go on a one-three months thai-camp. Or so...
Anyone have a clue? Do they accept girls?


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Hi Idz,

Nak Muay Ying...that's how they call female thai-boxers...

There are a couple of places where you can train..from what i know,there is:

  1. In BKK, the Sor.Vorapin Muay Thai Gym at Suanpak Rd., Talingchun ...popular among foreign students, both male and female.bit pricey...

  1. in Chiangmai, the Lanna Muay Thai Boxing Camp Chiangmai...thumbs up really!

  1. and of course in BKK, you also have the Chitalada Gym in Prakanong .The trainers speak limited English but welcome newcomers. Fees are negotiable but expect to pay about 200Bt per visit.

and you can watch the female bouts at Rangsit Staidum BKK weekly! Good place to check out...!!!

And if you happen to be in BKK in May/June, you will get to witness
Muaythai World Championships, Muaythai Expo, and the 1st ever Muaythai Aerobic Competition 2006”. This special event will be held from May 30 to June 8.


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There are some muay-thai camps in Thailand. I am planing to stay in a Muay-Thay&MMA camp in Phuket. They have rooms, bungalows and it looks good ambient.
I can send you more information to your mail. Send me a private mensage.

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Hi Idz, me and a mate stayed a week at the WMC Muay Thai camp near Lamai Beach on Koh Samui aroun the second week of December.
We had a reasonable bungalow each (AC, TV/DVD player, Fridge, shower etc.) for about £100 for the week, they do offer more basic huts and cheaper rates for the longerterm stayer. This price included group training starting 7am - 9 in the morning and 5pm - 7pm in the evening, (Funny enough me and my mate only made it to two early morning sessions - we only had two weeks in Thailand and you just can't help but go out and get drunk! also the Fusion club in Lamai starts getting real busy at half twelve and they played some banging tunes!) Sorry i digress, personal tuition was also available. I have never sweated so much in my life when i was training out there and it's a great experience, at the time we were there i reckon there was about 3 to 4 females training, women training is no problem. The trainers were good and all in all the pepople training there were freindly, although some of the people who had been training there a long time weren't the friendliest bunch, but if your there for longer than a week then it'll be no probs. A lot of the people training there can have fights arranged at Chawang stadium to pit there skills against Thais, although the best Thai boxing match i saw was between two girls who worked at the girly-bars in Lamai they have there own outdoor ring in Lamai,and their fight was a lot more exciting than any of the mens i'd seen! brilliant night.
Good luck

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I went to a Lanna Muay Thai gym in Chiang Mai and it was very well run but it was extremely busy when I went, so the trainers didn't get to spend much time with the beginners and you were left to train on your own for most of the time.

I also went to the Muay Thai gym in Ko Pha Ngan and again it was very professionally run. That was a lot quieter (the classes generally varied between 2 and 6 students) so you were basically training with the instructor for the entire lesson.

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Hi. ive read this post with much interest. As a single black,female heading out to Thailand Im worried about 1. whch camp and where to go to? 2. Will I be safe travelling and training without a companion?

I was leaning toward the Lanna camp, but it sounds a little remote? And not very sociable? Maybe Emmett70 you could enlighten me?
Ive only got 2 weeks off work and just really want to master the basics as well as enjoying the sun, meeting people and socialising (not too much though - taking my training seriously! ha ha);)

Koi Samui sounds good? Lanna camp - possibly? Anyone trained in Bangkok?
Generally what is the attitude towards women who want to train? I will be taking it seriously so I want a camp that will respect that and train me seriously.

Any thoughts anyone? Need to book my flight and get accomodation booked within the next week so any helpful suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Just moving it up.....surely someone must know of a good Thai boxing camp that will accomodate a hard working female? Anyone? Any info would be good. Still deciding if I should stay in Bangkok and train there or head onto the Lanna Camp in Chiang mai...
Anyone with any suggestions?

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hey guys,

been to thailand about 4 times now for jsut over a year on and off trianing and competing.

Different places around thailand will have different experiences.

My favourite camp is Koh Samui Pinyo near Lamai, as well as WMC Camp in Lamai. Both offer a unique experience.
Pro's of trianing in Koh Samui is you can meet people, you have the beautiful ocean and beaches to relax after a hard morning of trianing as well as some great night parties.

Pattaya, very intense place, different type of experience, you will see alot of older guys with young (very young) women, yet it is a well built up area and has some awsome gyms such a sipolec with the famous trainer who kickboxer the movie was made after as well as fought in K1.

Bangkok has some amazing gyms if u can bare training in such circumstances.....

Chang mai is beautiful with some awsome camps yet you wont find any beaches , instead a great town you can explore.

Phuket, some awsome fighters and gyms as well, depending where you are you will find some near beaches, some not.

Overall, my personal favourite would be Pinyo as i spent alot of time there, the trainers i became close with, they pay lots of attention to you as well as always smile.

email me -snip- if you want more information about any camps around thailand.

Hope this has helped,

Sydney, Australia

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