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We are heading to Europe in June for 18 days. We are covering a large amount of area in a small amount of time. We plan on going to Scottland (flying into Edinburgh), England, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. We are backpacking and would like recommendations about small towns in this countries that you would recommend...What do you think?????

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You should edfinetly visit Corfu, Greece it's great place to be in the summer.

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hi Anita
i think ur crazy travelin so much in 18 days!!! youlbe misisng out so much of scotland and other places. I can recommend many many places here in Scotland. Are u spending any time in Scotland other than Edi? Why so many places in only 2.5 weeks?

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Yeah I reakon you could enrichen your experience of Europe a lot by cutting down your list of countries!!! Everywhere you mention is a huge country with hundreds of little towns and villages and I think that if you cram it all in and do a whistlestop tour you could miss out on a lot. You really need to spend at least a couple of days in each town or city or you will neglect some of the best bits the place has to offer! How about checking out some cheap Ryan Air flights to save on some valuable time? Maybe just pick 2 places? Italy is always great at the trains are amazing and dont take too long and you could get a cheap flight to Milan, then go to Lake Como and onto Rome and Florence maybe???
Theres a lot to see when you say England too, London deserves a few days to get the feel of the place and places like Manchester, The Lake District, Newcastle... are just a couple of the great places to see!
Hope you have a fabulous time!

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- London is a total must, really you want to spend 3 or 4 days at a min

- Day trip to Brighton (south of London)

- Liverpool is worth a look

- Newcastle is ok

- Yorshire Region (Leeds ect) wasn't bad either

- Bristol was a nice place to spend time


- Paris is another must do!

- Nice/Monaco (loved staying in the South of France)

- Gap (small town about 1hr from Nice), if you want to get a feel for the French lifestyle it’s a great place to go too.


- Geneva wasn’t a bad city to visited

- Zurich is also a pretty nice place


- Rome is a total must out of all the cities named!!

- Venice as it is so different and just amazing

- Florence is also worth a night


- Munich is a nice city to go see

- Berlin was awesome, I really do recommend this place. Well worth it

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Don't forget that Germany is very bussy in June due to the World Cup Football. Hotels will be more expensive and hostels could be fully booked. Ofcourse Germany stays a very nice country.

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Thanks for all of your wonderful advice! We are still tweeking our trip. I think we are so afraid to miss something that we want to cram it all in, thus, making us miss alot of things I'm sure! We are talking about narowing down a little bit! If you have any more advice it would be much appreciated!