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Hello Everyone,

At last I've done it! I have just booked two RTW tickets for me and the wife (I know that sounds old but I'm young a heart and my wife even younger!) and we arrive in Rio on the 28th June. I've heard Rio can get quite busy and as we are virgin travellers I was looking to book a couple of nights in a hostel prior to arriving.

I've heard Ipanema is one of the safest areas to stay and also close to the main beaches and bars. It also looks double the price of hostels in other areas. Can anyone recommend a good hostel and if it is worth the extra 10 US dollars to stay in Ipanema?

Thanks for all the help,


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Ipanema is nice, but nothing is so intensive than Copacabana.

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when your in downtown rio your pretty close to Ipanema and copacabana, so either place is good to stay. i stayed in che legarto hostel in copacabana. i remember it cost around 40 real a night which is pretty steep for brazil but i don't know of any cheaper place in rio. if anyone does please let me know as i return there in a week.

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Ipanema is definitely the best place to stay in Rio. Copacabana is the better place to stay if you´re looking for sexual tourism. I think that´s not your case. Downtown isn´t safe by night and you would spend more than 10 dollars a day on cabs if you stay there. I would stay in Ipanema, actually i live there....

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The HI in Rio is really lovely, the people there are very friendly and it's in a slightly safer neighborhood than Copacabana etc... It's in Botafogo on General Dionísio St and they also run lots of day trips which are on the expensive side but a nice easy relaxed way to start on Brazil if you're feeling a little unconfident!

Ipanema is a fantastic area but as you say expensive, why not start somewhere cheap, have a look around, get a feel for things?


Hope you have a fantastic time