Do you believe in God?

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I should have said that i wasnt always a believer in Jesus Christ!

Here is my experience of conversion!

Having been brought up in circumstances where i was taught the truth of the bible from a young age i heard it often but never really took any interest in it. My gran used to tell me when i was about 11 or 12 that i needed to listen to the message and believe ( i used to hate this ).

It wasnt until i was about 15 that i began to think seriously bout life and death and the great hereafter (eternity). I was really afraid of it all and realised that if i died there and then i would be in hell because of my sins. So one night after hearing the gospel preached (i attended gospel meetings) i realised for the first time in my own life that Christ really had come to die for sinners and if i was one that he died for me! (this was after praying to God that he would save me from going to hell forever because i was a sinner and had sinned against HIM)

this experience was on the 9th Feb 1999, i remember it clear! and i can say it has been a life-changing experience, i had new interests, met loads of new friends and have been happy as far as the future is concerned ever since as i now know and am sure i will be in Heaven when my time here is over, not by my good works or anything i have done but what GOD has done for me!

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Do you believe in God?

Are you at all religious? If so, what religion are you?

What, if anything, do you believe in? Why?
I believe that there is alot more to life then science has explained so far. But I do believe science will be able to explain whatever it is someday. Although certain things we may never be able to comprehend.

I believe that humans have created religion to explain what we do not know/understand, and as we learn and understand more, religion takes a less prominent part in our daily lives.

What do you think happens when you die?
I think that when you die, its over. Your conscience ceases to exist. People find this possibility too depressing to consider as an option, but sometimes the truth is something we may not like.