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last thing I found:

Tuesday, 11th July 2006.

Coat clue hope in search for Jenny - FORENSIC experts in Manchester believe a coat could provide the vital breakthrough in the hunt for missing backpacker Jenny Pope, who vanished in Ecuador.

The jacket was discovered in the home of a former hotel security guard who was re-arrested in the South American country in connection with the disappearance of Jenny, 50, a nurse from Mossley.

It is understood Greater Manchester Police has told its counterparts in South America it is prepared to carry out DNA tests on the coat to establish if it does belong to Jenny. Forensic experts will only be able to carry out the tests if police in Ecuador agree to hand over what could be a crucial piece of evidence.


The coat was allegedly found in the man's flat along with perfume and a rucksack frame.

It is understood Jenny's husband, David, and son, Stefan, who are in Ecuador trying to discover exactly what happened, identified the three items as belonging to her.

Jenny vanished just over six months ago while travelling alone through South America on "the trip of a lifetime".

The last sighting of her was at the Princess Maria Hotel in the mountain town of Banos where the suspect worked.

He quit his job a month after she vanished to move to Santa Domingo, where he was originally arrested on May 19.

The man was re-arrested on June 1 and under Ecuadorian law can be held for up to 90 days without charge.

Jenny kept in regular contact with David, 59, and Stefan, 22, as she travelled alone through Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador, sending emails and posting messages on a personal internet site.

Her last email was sent from Banos, in the Andes of Ecuador, on January 9.

The day after she sent the email Jenny's cash card was used to withdraw the equivalent of £2,500 over one week, with the account closing after it exceeded its £1,500 overdraft limit.



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Good news. The man, of course, should be presumed innocent until proven guilty (or prove himself innocent under Ecudorian Law) after a fair hearing or trial if the DNA results prove positive. Alas, we live in a far from perfect world. My only advice to Women is if planning an extended journey to Latin America, visiting remote areas, especially the first time around, is to trek with a travel companion or two if possible.