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Does anyone have experience of getting visas for Vietnam in Laos? How long does it take? How much does it cost? Do I have to do it in Vietiane? I am leaving Chiang Mai for Laos tomorrow. I tried to sort the visa here first but the Vietnamese embasy was shut for Chinese new year!

Also any advice for travelling in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia? How safe are they? How easy is it? Is transport easy to arrange?

Any advice welcome

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Hi Mily,

My advice..why not get it done either in LP or Vientiane cos it will save you a lot of hassle as you get closer to the border crossings..I see you are heading towards Siphadon. Does this mean you will be crossing into Cambodia first via Stung Treng (south of Pakse)...and then work your way down to PP to enter Ho Chi Minh City via Moc Bai ? If that is your plan, a word of caution at Stung treng border crossing...get your visa sorted out first cos the immigration guys at both sides can be pretty irritating!unless, of course, you back track to use the savannakhet-Hue route!

PM me if you want further advice...on Laos, cambodia, Vietnam...I travel to these places often!

have fun.


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"Visa on arraival" is now available (for about a year now) but must be confirmed before arrival so you need to be in contact with an agent in Vietnam.
The prodedure goes like this:
You send your passport and flight details to the agent who will apply for V-O-A on your behalf. When permission is granted you will be sent a fax or a scanned copy of the confirmation which you will carry with you and present to the immigration desk when you arrive. A staff member from the agent that arranged it would be there to meet the flight and hand over the original of the confirmation when you present your copy.
You will then be issued your visa immediatly.
The cost: You must pay %25 USD at immigration and $25 to the agent.
The advantages:1 Cheaper than most Embassies,2 you don't have to send your passport away to the embassy to get it processed., 3 the agent will likely give you an airport transfer at a discount because they have to send someone to the airport to meet you when you arrive anyway.
I hope this helps. Feel free to post again if you have any questions.

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For the tourist visa its 20$ for the agent and 25$ for the immigration. Autorisation number after 1 to 2 days. If people need faster ist mean same day, they will give you the autorisation number after 5hours maximum but cost 10$ more. For your information about the price.
Cheers !

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You have to choose take your visa in Vietnamese Embassy I cant tell you a long they will do for you, normally 2 days. Or you ask 1 travel agent in Vietnam to apply for you afert 1 to 2 days max they send you the autorisation number this will cost you 20usd$ and 25$ for your arrival in airport. If you ask for the autorisation visa same days will cost you 10$ more.
How long you will stay in Vietnam ? You will visit south or north for I can give you some advice for your tours.
Yes its easy to arrange transport in Vietnam, Plain, Bus, car, train envent moto depends of where and what budget you have.
Take care !