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G'day im about to head off to South Africa for a 2 month tour and am thinking about heading north to Mozambique to do some scuba diving as i hear its awesome up that way.
Also i hear that visas can only be paid for with american this right and should i take a bunch of american money for other things as well.
Any info would be appreiciated.

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You don't need to bring USD except as a safe would you VISA card get stolen or the ATM:s stop working. ATM:s in capital Maputo works fine at least. =)

The visa can be payable in local money as far as I know – I got it at their embassy in Swaziland. Give your passport + money + two photos in the morning, come back in the afternoon and pick it up with the visa inside. You cannot get the visa at the borderpost, unless maybe if you're a citizen of one of the neighbouring countries.

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No you def dont need any usd in Moz, only if you go to Zimbabwe.. the atms in all major cities are working, most of the time..
and yea the whole coast line of Moz is totally amazing, its much calmer then SA.. you should go to Tofu/ Inhambane and Vilanculos.. If you have time to go all the way north, its well worth it. One of the most beautiful beaches is in Pemba..

Listen to ImCHEETAH about the visa..

have fun!

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If you ae just heading to southern moz (i.e. ponta mologane or ponta d'oura), for diving they generally take South African rands.

have a good time..

p.s. couple of tips on diving SA and southern moz

1. we launch from the beach through the surf.. (loads of fun)
2. if you want awesom corals got to sodwana (northern KZN in south africa)
3. for good reef fish life with some night life go ponta d'oura (southern moz)
4. for more peace and quiet and good reef fish go ponta mologane
(southern moz, about 2km further north than d'oura)

I haven't done much more further north, but there is allegedly some brilliant diving further north if you have the time to get there.