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1. Posted by kevinxyz (Budding Member 3 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I would like to go to Paris alone in the end of April 2006, and want to have a 7 days trip deducted the time taking airplane. I think i will follow the guild book step by step to visit this amazing city and see more famous architecture as well. Below are some questions:

1. As a budget traveller, I dont want to spend too much money on food. Where I can eat cheap and delicious meal? like student resturtant or cafeteria. I think overseas students in Paris face the same question as me if they dont want to cook by themselves at house.

2. I want to enjoy a good and France meal once during this trip and ofcourse the cheaper the better. I couldnt afford to the three-star resturtant.

3. If I want to go to Chapel at Ronchamp (Le Corbusier) , how to get there from Paris? How long to take a train to get there? And what can I do or visit around this church? The guidebook I bought doesnot introduce this.

Thank you!

2. Posted by Chix (Full Member 114 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

food-wise, you can't get much better than sitting up at Sacre Cour with a baguette, a smelly french cheese and a bottle of red wine, watching the city go by.

3. Posted by GregW (Travel Guru 2635 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

There are lots of places to eat inexpensively in Paris. Lots of nice places also have specials. The area around Notre Dame has lots of cheap eats.


4. Posted by le_ffrench (Budding Member 39 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

I will try to answer point by point.

1. If you want really cheap and good food, try purchasing it at markets and shops. Food on the go is generally far cheaper than restaurants. Otherwise, you will find restaurants offering full meals at less than 15€ (or even less) in most areas. Indian restaurants are generally cheaper and of better value than their traditional counterparts. Chinese restaurants too, but there has recently been a series of mini-scandals about the way food was prepared for them which does not encourage to try them.

2. I have contributed to a this thread and gave a series of good restaurants under or around 25€. Not three star ones, but fairly decent

3. I assume that what you are trying to reach is this building
Check out train fares on the Voyage SNCF Website

It seems to take a fairly long time to get from Paris to Ronchamp by train, but it is more than 400 km away. It would not be significantly shorter by car.

5. Posted by tway (Travel Guru 7273 posts) 13y Star this if you like it!

When it comes to food, feed yourself on Nutella crepes. They have crepe stands everywhere. If your in need of protein, have them slice a banana into your supper. Yum....! You can also save money by shopping at the supermarket. They have very convenient ready-made sandwiches and salads, and you can top your meal off with fruit, a dessert, a baguette and a nice, inexpensive bottle of wine.

Paris also has charcuteries - delicatessan-like places that sell cured meats along with different single-serving plates: potato salad, salmon crepes, vegetable mixes, terrines, etc. I ate like a Queen on the stuff for a week in Caen and spent no more than about 5 Euro a night for supper (washed down with a very decent bottle I purchased at the beginning of the week for 2 Euro.)

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I spent a week in Paris last summer and I had a budget of $1800.00 Canadian which included airfare and hotel and I was fine. Me and my friend found a little restaurant near notre dame that sold a baguette (like a sandwich, and there were different kinds), a pop, and a crepe for 5 Euros. We thought it was a really good deal, and it was so much food that we couldn't even eat the whole thing. We went into grocery stores a lot and just bought a YOP to drink for lunch, it was really filling and was great to drink while we were on the run. For restaurants the menus and all the prices are posted outside of each restaurant so we normally just walked around and looked for something reasonably priced, I had a few 3 course meals for about 22 Euros.
you're going to have an awesome time! I was up early every morning and into bed late every night and I still didn't get to see everything that I wanted to see, there's just so many amazing things in Paris. It's so awesome
have fun!! and post lots of pics please :)

7. Posted by magykal1 (Travel Guru 2026 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Another good cheap eat is couscous 'cause there are loads of north african restaurants.

8. Posted by Twinkle (Respected Member 1112 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

You certainly wont be pushed for choce of cheap eateries over there!!!!I say take a stroll, the Latin Quarter has some great little hideaways and Montmatre is buzzing in the evenings and you get great food to suit your budget...take a stoll around and see what you fancy!Theres a great little place called "Luna Pizza" also around the Gare De Nord area, I dont have my diary with me at the mo so I cant check the address for you but maybe google it and see what comes up!!!Yeah so its Italian but they also do a lot of seafood, some fantastic Vegetarian Options and the lampshades are made of cheese graters!!!!Really cool and very cheap!
Make the most of breakfast too.....when Im in Paris I love to sit on a pavement side cafe with some yummy pastries!!!!!And yes be sue to indulge in some wonderful cheese!!!!Im headed there at the weekend for a few days so Ill be sure to make a note of places we visit etc and Ill get back to you if I find any gems!!!!

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I am looking to travel to Ronchamp too...went to their website on voyages-sncf.. Well told him I cannot do booking on their website becos "Your journey is not sold on the site because it requires more than 3 changes, please ask at the station. " So wat m i suppose to do?? hmm..

Have anybody been there yet?
1) Anyone able to provide information on the travelling part? 2) Or recomendation on the accomodation part?

Thank you.