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I have the opportunity to go to Austrlia for 3 months and stay in Albany but iv been told it is in the middle of no where? My plan would be to use Albany as a base (friends live out there so free accomodation) and travel to Perth, Sydney, Queensland, Canberra, Melbourne etc etc. However i dont know if this is going to be too expensive of if any one could give me advice as to what places are a definate must see?

Any advice i would loooveee

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You are going to get a bit of a shock at the distances between WA and the rest of Oz. It is certainly not comparable to Europe where you could, say, use London as a base to explore the continent. I think that the distance from Albany to Qld, for example, would be about the same as the distance from the UK to Moscow!

Visit your friends in Albany, but if you want a base to visit the rest of Oz from you are best off looking at somewhere in NSW; perhaps Sydney(?). You are not going to want to cross the Nullabor more than once.

What to see: Surfer's Paradise and the Sunshine coast; the Great Barrier Reef (especially if you are into Scuba). I am a bit biased though as I am a Queenslander. I have been living in the UK for over a year now and I am craving some sun!

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Albany is well and truely not a good spot to use as your base. Im born and breed in Perth but now live in London. Albany is a good 6-8 hour drive from Perth (i havent driven it in a long time so i cant fully remember). Dont get me wrong, Albany is a really nice place, but you could see all that there is to see in a day or two and apart from a couple of places, theres not much around, just mainly forests and stuff.
If your going on the pound, your money problems will be behind you. Things are a lot cheaper in Australia.
It all depends on what you want to see. Being an Australian, if i had to do it, i would go to Perth, for a couple of weeks. In that time id go on road trips to some places (Rottnest Isaland in the Summer is awesome). Then i'd head to Melbourne and use that as a base to travel to Sydney and the Gold Coast.
Its really hard to use somewhere in Australia as a base to see the rest of the country coz the place is pretty big and 50 pound flights are almost unheard of, unless your going between Sydney and Melbourne.