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1. Posted by yapkh (Budding Member 34 posts) 12y Star this if you like it!

Yoooo.... Im so excited that I will be travelling to NZ this coming March or April under the WHM scheme but Im woindering how is the job market in NZ for IT and wat is the salary Like ? As I plan to get a contact job follow with PR in NZ ?

Can any1 advise on this

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About 5 years ago the IT industry was heading to its peak pretty rapidly. The jobs are well paid and the industry was very bouyant (hgiher demand than skilled supply available) but by now it should have settled a great deal. The pay should still be good. The culture of IT being well paid has been firmly established. However a huge number of people studied computer science at uni and when they graduated the flooded the market so it may be a bit harder to get the work you are looking for. I recommend looking at specialist recruitment companies based in the area you are heading too (and the cities will have a lot more than smaller towns and Auckland will be the best spot to try). See what kind of work they are offering, get a feel for the range of skills, qualifications and experience required and what pay is offered to give yourself an idea of where you will stand.

Recruitment cos: Google nz or Yahoo nz or whatever 'IT recruitment' and also Reid personnel to see what you can find. The NZ herald is online ( and may be worth a browse too.

Good luck

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Oo thanks for da reply ....

Seems to be a great challange to get a job :(

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you might like to try

A pretty sweet on-line Job site.


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I have been in Auckland for the past 14 months on a working holiday visa and now a work permit. I did desktop support in the UK, and I found it hard to get this type of work in Auckland, but very easy to get IT helpdesk work as there seems to be a big demand for this. So it depends what kind of work you are looking for but I'd say if you have decent IT skills and some experience you won't have a problem finding work. is definitely the place to start.

have fun :)