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Can anyone tell me anything about Columbia and how safe it is for a solo female traveller. i should be heading there around the end of April and begining of MAy and need some advice. Also what's the border crossing like from Ecuador?
If anyone is intersted in travelling with me at the same time that would be a bonus.

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Colombia is a very beautiful and diverse country, there is the Amazon the Andes Mountains and Caribe coast. The people are very helpful and friendly. A very historical country too with many places and historical sites to visit. Also there are many natural parks if you are into seeing wildlife.

IMO the best part of Colombia was the coastal region, especially Cartagena and Santa Marta. Parque Tayronna is also worth checking out if you are in that area.

Cali is also a beuatiful city nestled in the Andes.

I travelled solo as a male and had no problems (catching flights everywhere and taxis to get me around on the ground) but I can't tell you what safety would be like for a solo female traveller there. It goes without saying to be careful as a solo traveller wherever you are in the world. I also cannot tell you much about the Ecuador border crossing as I didn't cross it.

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I would get a travel companion or I would fly from Quito to Bogota and Bogota to and from other destinations in Colombia if alone and take taxis everywhere at night if alone.

Travel Warnings

At time of writing the New Zealand Government warned travellers against travel around the Columbian border due to violence, and the Highland areas around Quito after the eruption of El Reventador volcano.

For more information click here.

Generally tourists in Ecuador should exercise caution, avoid large public gatherings and monitor developments that may affect their safety.

Visitors should be aware that there is an increasing incidence of violent crime, including kidnapping, in Ecuador.

Muggings are also on the increase, particularly on buses. Following recent attacks on tourists, tourists should avoid hiking to the antennas of Volcan Pichincha via Cruz Loma, west of Quito.

There have been recent cases where individuals have been drugged and subsequently mugged in Ecuador.

Visitors should not accept offers of food (including chewing gum), cigarettes or drink from strangers, should secure their valuables against theft and avoid displays of wealth.

Travel to the Colombia/Ecuador border, Colombia/Peru border and the Cordillera del Condor region should be avoided.

Visitors should be aware that there have been instances of kidnappings in the border area with Colombia and Ecuador, as well as the Cordillera del Condor region.

Unmarked minefields are located in the Cordillera del Condor region near the border with Peru.

Cities of Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla, Cartagena and Bucaramanga

Be vigilant at all times in public places used by foreigners or avoid such areas. Strong risk of terrorism. Kidnapping. Criminal violence. Security for public transport and government buildings has been increased. Avoid overland transportation.
Terrorist incidents expected to increase in run up to congressional and presidential elections due to be held in March and May respectively.

Rest of Colombia We advise against all travel. High risk of terrorism. Serious risk of kidnapping. Criminal violence.

Source: http://www.mfat.govt.nz/travel/index.html#C

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Thanks for the info on columbia and i shall take into account. i was considering taking a flight to Quito as i am short of time now but i would like to spend as much time as i can in Columbia