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All opinions would be appreciated. I am self-employed with experience in tourism, public relations and marketing. I have traveled extensively, including Australia, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Kenya, China, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean and US. I am extremely research and detail-oriented, love planning trips and often called upon by friends and family when they are researching travel or consumer decisions and purchases.

Of course there is always travel agent school, but I see myself not just sitting at a computer, but also guiding small/medium groups, managing their itineraries and taking pains to make their travel experiences unique. Can any travel professionals suggest ways I can combine my skills into a travel career? And do non-US residents see any benefit to having a representative (more personal than just a travel agent) to help them through a US trip, from customs to itineraries to language barriers?
All input is appreciated!

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Your idea is what started some of the travel business I know. I have a few suggestions which might help you, if you want to start an interesting travel company.

1) Concentrate on just a few countries (maybe one or two) to work with.
2) Be an expert in those countries.
3) Find local contact person to help with transportation and hotel, food, ect..
4) Create some specialties about your tour which you think will attract people. I know a flight attendant who has a second job to coordinate others on Safari trips in Africa. You could create an eco-trip,ect... If I were to do it ... I would create a photography tour.
5) Advertize effectively. Use the internet. Show samples of what your tour will take the people to.
6) Set prices base on expenses + what you want to pocket.
If your first tour succeed, those clients will be your best advertizement.

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I love iloveflyin! Great suggestions, thank you.